Isabella Kidman Cruise: Tom Cruise's Daughter Shocks Fans With Rare Selfie!

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No matter how you feel about Tom Cruise, there's no denying that the guy probably should have retired in the nineties.

Sure, we would have been denied the glory of his Tropic Thunder cameo, but the poster boy for Scientology seemed much more at home in a pre-social media world, in which celebrities were granted a level of privacy that's unimaginable in 2020.

Tom Cruise at Mummy Premiere

Think about it -- if Tom had stepped away from acting after Eyes Wide Shut or Magnolia, we wouldn't know about such messy details of his private life as his ugly divorce from Katie Holmes, or his neglect of daughter Suri.

Top Gun fanatics could have lived out the rest of their days in blissful ignorance.

Not surprisingly, Tom's not big on social media these days, and it seems his children have inherited his disdain for opening up on Instagram.

Which is why it came as such a shock when Cruise's oldest daughter, Isabella, posted a selfie on Instagram this week:

Bella Cruise on Instagram

Yes, that's 27-year-old Bella, one of the two children adopted by Tom during his marriage to Nicole Kidman.

We'll be focusing on the relationship between Tom and Bella today, because Nicole is an awesome and still-relevant actress who's probably a wonderful mom, while Tom is full-blown crazy person who would probably chuck his entire family into a volcano if Lord Xenu told him to.

Anyway, Bella is active on social media, but most of her content consists of her artwork, and she generally eschews pics from her life.

Isabella Cruise Promotes Scientology

"All that glitters is gold.. oh wait, it's just another Instagram filter," she captioned her latest pic.

Very little is known about the young artist's personal life, and that's almost certainly by design.

In 2015, Bella married Max Parker in a very private ceremony.

Bella Cruise in 2020

This thing was so low-key that not even her parents weren't even invited!

For obvious reasons, this led to rumors that Bella was on bad terms with dad (again, Nicole, remains cool AF, and she probably gets along with everyone).

But believe it or not, that doesn't seem to be the case.

You see, unlike Suri, Tom's eldest is not a Suppressive Person.

Isabella Cruise Photo

In fact, Bella is a Scientologist who recently recorded a recruitment video in which she thanks her dad for introducing her to the space-based religion.

So maybe Bella steers clear of social media because she doesn't want to hear any criticism of her weirdo father, or maybe she does so because of her own bonkers beliefs.

Whatever the case, it's not often that we're pleasantly surprised by social media, but the comments on her pic were overwhelmingly positive.

So there you have it -- something good did happen in 2020!

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