Farrah Abraham Hits Rock Bottom: I'll Poop on Camera For 100 Bucks!

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In the years since she was fired from Teen Mom OG, the signs of Farrah Abraham's increasing financial desperation have become more and more frequent -- and more disturbing.

Put simply, Farrah is broke, and it seems she only has two proven methods for bringing in the bucks:

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One of them, of course, is creating drama on reality TV shows, but it seems no one is willing to pay her to do that at the moment.

And so, Farrah has been forced to focus on her other main revenue stream -- specifically the one that runs through her backdoor.

As you may recall, the "sex tape" Farrah starred in back in 2013 opened her eyes to the tremendous profit potential of a career in the adult film industry.


The tape was obviously a professionally-produced skin flick, complete with camera crew and p0rn star partner, but hilariously, Farrah continued to claim the intimate footage was accidentally leaked -- even as she embarked on a career in getting boned on camera.

Anyway, Farrah's live-streaming sex shows aren't as popular as they used to be, but if you think she's about to throw in the sticky towel and find a real job, you've got another thing coming.

In fact, as The Ashley's Reality Roundup points out, it appears as though the Backdoor Teen Mom star is expanding her skill set and cashing in on her orifices like never before.

Farrah Abraham Teaches Sophia Abraham to Be a Bully

According to a new menu of services posted by Farrah this week, you can purchase a wide variety of custom videos, including some that focus on what Farrah calls her "a--whole."

Obviously, a lot of what's on offer here is pretty standard fare -- your g-string pics, your double penetration videos, etc.

But what really caught the attention of fans and affluent weirdos with very specific tastes was the presence of such items as the “Number 2 Bathroom” video, or the "Deuces Wild," as we assume it's known in Las Vegas brothels.

Farrah Abraham for WEtv

Now, it's not totally clear what kind of angles or context buyers can expect here.

Perhaps Farrah really goes all-in with a bowl's-eye view following a decadent feast of Crunchwrap Supremes.

Or maybe it's just some straining and moaning similar to what Farrah offered up in her adult debut, concluding with a fade-to-brown closeup of her latest production.

Farrah Abraham is Plastic

Whatever the case, you can be sure you're in for the sh--tiest viewing experience since Nic Cage's latest attempt to pay off his back taxes.

Disturbingly, Farrah has been involving her daughter Sophia in her get-rich-quick schemes lately, but thankfully, it looks like she's going solo on this one, with nothing but a roll of Charmin as her co-star.

Farrah's latest contribution to the American cinematic canon probably won't be hailed as a classic, like, say, Five Easy Pieces or The Green Mile, but with any luck, it'll find an audience among movie lovers who are sick of only figuratively paying for streaming crap.

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