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Yesterday, we reported on rumors that Angelina Jolie has changed her mind about divorcing Brad Pitt.

Now, it seems there’s reason to believe that Brad is having trouble letting go of the marriage, as well.


Of course, he’s handling the problem very differently.

While Angelina is allegedly drawing out the divorce with the goal of preventing it from being finalized, Brad decided to just seek out a new partner who looks just like his ex-wife.

Okay, maybe she doesn’t look just like Angelina, but still — we think it’s safe to say Brad has a type:

Brad and Nicole

That’s 26-year-old German model Nicole Poturalski.

According to several media outlets, she and Brad met up in Paris today before hopping a private jet to the South of France.

In case you were unaware, hopping a private jet to the South of France is the A-list celebrity equivalent of changing your relationship status on Facebook.

Photo via Instagram

In other words, these two aren’t just doin’ it — they’re doin’ it and then having dinner together afterward.

They might even be in the "falling asleep in front of a sh-tty reality show" stage of the relationship.

"They were seen driving in a chauffeured vehicle that took them to the airport for their next flight," an eyewitness told Entertainment Tonight.

Photo via Instagram

"They took the one hour flight and were spotted arriving in the South of France."

A separate source told OK magazine that Brad and Nicole were acting like “loved up teenagers.”

“They were kissing and Brad was being super attentive to her. He was in a semi public place but didn’t seem to mind people seeing him," the insider continued.

Photo via Instagram

"She’s a real beauty and obviously a lot younger than him."

Yeah, we suppose 30 years would qualify as "a lot younger."

Nicole is not the first woman that Pitt has been linked to since his divorce, but this is the first time that we’ve been presented with pretty clear evidence that the 56-year-old Oscar-winner has actually entered a new relationship.

Photo via Instagram

As bad as the media wanted it to happen, the rumored Brad-Jennifer Aniston reconciliation wasn’t really a thing.

And it looks more and more like Brad and Neri Oxman were never anything more than just friends.

In a recent interview, Brad joked about how many women he’s been erroneously linked to in the years since he and Angelina went their separate ways.

Brad Pitt in Venice
Photo via Getty

"I don’t know how many women they’ve said I’ve been dating the last two or three years," he told the New York Times. "And none of it’s true."

Something tells us that Brad won’t be so quick to dismiss the rumors of his relationship with Nicole.

That said, he’s still an extremely private dude — we wouldn’t expect an official relationship announcement from these two anytime soon.