Nick Cannon Alarms Fans With Tweets About Suicidal Ideation

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Last week, Nick Cannon was fired by ViacomCBS for promoting anti-Semtiic conspiracy theories, and received widespread condemnation.

His recent tweets, expressing clear suicidal ideation, have alarmed critics and fans alike.

Nick Cannon is Trying to Clean Up His Image

"I hurt an entire community and it pained me to my core, I thought it couldn’t get any worse," Nick cannon reflected in a tweet.

"Then I watched my own community turn on me," he lamented, "and call me a sell-out for apologizing."

Alarmingly, Nick concluded his tweet with: "Goodnight. Enjoy Earth"

Nick Cannon tweet - I hurt one community, then my own called me a sell out

"Y’all can have this planet," Nick wrote in a follow-up tweet.

He then declared: I’m out!"

That is worrisome, to say the least, and had many fans wondering if Nick was contemplating suicide.

Nick Cannon - y'all can have this planet, I'm out

"Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse... 2020 is definitely the most f--ked up year I’ve ever witnessed!" Nick declared later.

"After waking up & barely rising from my own dark contemplation of continuing my physical existence on…" he trailed off.

This was the tweet that had fans even more alarmed, for multiple reasons.

Nick Cannon tweet - 2020 is the most effed up year ever

That last line was alarming enough on its own, particularly because the Instagram page to which it links is no longer available.

Even the context of what on that page is not particularly reassuring.

Nick was referring to the passing of his friend, Ryan Bowers.

Nick Cannon in 2019

Ryan was an up-and-coming rapper, and Nick had signed him to his label.

Long before Nick would describe him as the one "with the balls" to end his life, they were also friends.

Ryan was shot last year, in is own home, by San Diego police.

Nick Cannon Video Image

Ryan was in a coma for months after that horrific shooting.

Nick spent time by his bedside during his coma and recovery.

Ryan had fought hard, even having to re-learn how to function during his recovery.

Nick Cannon on a Red Carpet

Ryan had made a comeback, performing for sold-out arenas.

On the surface, it seemed like a real success story.

In reality, Ryan Bowers passed away over the weekend. Nick describes his friend's suicide as having followed multiple attempts.

Nick Cannon

So why was this worrisome regarding Nick?

The tone of his tweets matched what you see a lot from people grappling with suicidal ideation.

And as we know all too well, stories of suicide can have a contagion effect.

Cannon, Nick

It works a little like an allergy. Most of us are just sad at the stories.

But for people already grappling with suicidal urges, it can be the spark that spurs them to action, leading to their own deaths by suicide.

Nick had just endured widespread (and deserved) condemnation, lost one of his jobs, and fans worried that losing a friend could push him over the edge himself.

Nick Cannon for America's Got Talent

But deserved condemnation is not the same thing as someone needing to die. That is a different order altogether.

Fortunately, to the reassurance of many of his fans, Nick's most recent post is striking a very different tone.

He is speaking -- very frankly -- to a guest, Rabbi Abraham Cooper from the Simon Weisenthal Center.

Nick Cannon at a Screening

Nick's promotion of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories was a horror, and he has admitted that he was wildly misinformed and is taking steps to correct this.

That his apology has upset others is sadly no surprise. Bigots don't like it when people apologize for bigotry.

We hope that Nick remains alive and well as he continues to educate himself upon multiple chilling histories of oppression.

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