Mackenzie McKee: Where is Her Missing Great Dane? How is Her Other Dog Dead? Why is She Blaming Petland??

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As has been well documented at this point, Mackenzie McKee has had very bad luck in love of late.

At last check, she had taken her husband back after accusing him of cheating with her cousin.

Mackenzie McKee, Dogs

However, despite the many hiccups that the 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom cast member has gone through regarding the father of her three kids, we can now officially state the following:

She's even more of a mess when it comes to her pets.

Let us explain ...

Mackenzie McKee and Hank

Last spring, you may recall, Mackenzie garnered significant backlash after going on vacation for six days and seemingly leaving her canine, Hank, all alone and chained up in the backyard.

She responded to the critics at the time by saying a neighbor was constantly checking on Hank and playing with him and everyone had to chill the heck out.

And yet ...

Mackenzie McKee, Dog

In photos obtained by TMZ, the Oklahoma native's enormous Great Dane could be seen standing in a muddy, outdoor enclosure with a tarp hanging over the top to protect him from rain.

There was also a bowl of food inside.

The dog was surrounded by its own feces.

Hugs for Hank

The dog was given a wood pallet to stand on, which was reportedly added by McKee’s neighbors... who said Hank was crying and whimpering outside for four days while the reality star was away.

Animal Control in her hometown of Miami, Oklahoma eventually reported to McKee’s yard and took in Hank, prior to releasing him back to McKee's once she returned home.
Mackenzie Douthit

Prior to the this pet controversy, Mackenzie received a lot of attention online after she shared a video of her son, Gannon, kissing and playing with a dead puppy in January of 2017.

(The family’s dog, Mia, had given birth to two puppies, but refused to feed one of them and it passed away.)

This brings us to current day.

Mackenzie McKee for Teen Mom OG

In some recent Snapchat videos, Mackenzie explained that she moved in with her father after her mother Angie passed away in December from cancer.

The Teen Mom OG star was unable to fully take care of the large dog in this new residece, so a friend volunteered to allow Hank to stay on his 30-acre farm.

Ready for this?

Mackenzie McKee the Teen Mom OG

After approximately a month and a half, Mackenzie went to get Hank back ...

... but realized when she saw him at the farm, in such a large and lovely setting, that this was a better home for the animal and, as a result, let her friend keep the dog.


Mackenzie McKee Works Out

Then there was Annie, the little Pomeranian puppy she got for Gannon’s birthday in September of last year.

McKee posted many photos of the dog shortly after adopting her, but none at all after a handful of weeks.

And now we know why.

poor annie

According to the aforementioned Snapchat videos, which have been uploaded to Reddit, Annie was actually found dead alongside the couch just a month after she was brought into the family's home.

What the heck, right?!?

That's what Mackenzie has been asking.

 Mackenzie McKee Ponders Life

There apparently an autopsy done on poor young ANNIE, but there no conclusive cause of death could be determined.

Mackenzie therefore blamed Petland, which is the store from which she adopted the late dog.

"They sold us a dog with a cracked skull and she maybe bumped into the couch and passed away," McKee theorizes in her videos.

Mackenzie McKee and 3 Cute Kids

She then goes on to trash Petland in even more detail, despite having bought Annie from this chain.

"The way that they treat their puppies is sooo wrong!" she says.

"They literally advertise their animals! 'Hey, if something happens to this dog, you can come back in and we’ll give you a free one.'"

Mackenzie McKee in Tears

"Like they’re iPods, like they’re freakin’ iMac laptops!"

"No, they’re dogs. They are dogs."

"I hate the way that they advertise."

"I don’t know why I did this. Everyone told me not to do this. I’ll never do it again, and I am here to say that I was wrong."

More details to follow as the story develops.

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