Kanye West REFUSES to See Kim Kardashian: She's Plotting Against Me!

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Even though Kim Kardashian is begging fans to be kind to Kanye West, her husband is not showing her the same courtesy.

In fact, he is refusing to even meet with her as his behavior continues to spiral.

Hello There, Wife

Inside sources close to Kim and Kanye tell TMZ that the two of them have spoken very little since Kanye headed for his ill-fated South Carolina rally.

They have not seen each other in person at all since then, but even electronic communications have been sparse at best.

Kim has been reaching out ... but it takes two to tango, and Kanye isn't looking to dance.

kanye  on twitter

By that, we mean that Kim has reportedly been trying to talk to Kanye about his mental health.

Kanye has declined her invitations, to say the least.

As we know, when someone is in a mental health crisis, they can only be helped when they become receptive to help.

Kanye Divorce Tweets

Right now, Kanye doesn't seem to think that there's anything wrong -- except, perhaps, with the rest of the world.

Two times, now, Kim has suggested that she should fly out to where Kanye is staying at his Wyoming ranch.

But sources say that he has told her no both times. He does not want to see her.

Kanye Divorce Tweets 2

Some of Kanye's tweets reflect genuine sentiments that he holds because he is, deep down, a bad person.

But his Twitter rants stem from his bipolar disorder, something for which he is particularly struggling at the moment.

He called Kris Jenner "Kris Jong-Un," accused Kim of cheating on him, and claimed that they both wanted to lock him up.

Kanye Divorce Tweets 3

What officially kicked things off was, of course, Kanye's eye-catching and alarming rally.

He seems to still be going forward with his farcical bid for the Presidency.

At the rally, he claimed that Harriet Tubman didn't really free slaves, he claimed that Kim almost aborted North, and he wept.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian for Versace

But TMZ reveals that Kim was worried about Kanye even before this.

Earlier this month, he was in the Dominican Republic, Kim knew that something was wrong.

So she flew to the DR to be with and emotionally support him. Eventually, she had to return to be with her kids.

Kimye is Cute

After that, Kanye jetted off to his South Carolina rally ... without giving Kim any kind of forewarning.

Sadly, racing thoughts and a dangerous lack of impulse control can be common symptoms in manic episodes for those with bipolar disorder.

Kanye's current mental health crisis might have been prevented if he were taking the right medication.

Kim Kardashian, North West, and Kanye West in D.C.

Unfortunately, long before he publicly lashed out at Kim and Kris for trying to help him, he had a lot to say about why he goes unmedicated.

Kanye said in interviews that doctors had prescribed psych meds to silence him, claiming that they gave him drugs to make him "fat on purpose."

Some medications may have weight gain as a side effect, but obviously, the purpose of prescribing him medications was to preserve his mental health.

Kimye at the Cher Show

"Kim thinks she's the only one who can 'save' Kanye," an insider claims to The Sun.

"After everything that's happened this week she knows she can't save her marriage," the source says.

"And," the insider adds, Kim "accepts it was probably over a long time ago."

Kanye in 2020

"But she won't split with him at his lowest point," the source explains.

The insider adds that, in Kim's minds, "She owes it to their kids to stick by his side until he gets help."

Kim has always stood in solidarity with her husband, even -- no, especially -- when he does not deserve it. It's the Kardashian way.

Kim and Kanye In Wyoming

Some of Kanye's delusions of grandeur may come from who he is, fundamentally, as a person.

Similarly, his apparent disgust at his wife's career and photoshoots and resentment towards Kris seems to be rooted in some despicable sex-shaming on his part.

But blurting all of this out? The irrational paranoia? The erratic behavior? That's mental illness. Kanye may not be a good person, but we hope that he gets the help that he needs.

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