Johnny Depp Ice Cream Photo: Evidence of Hard Drug Use, or Relatable Weekend Vibes?

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If you've been following the news surrounding Johnny Depp's $50 million lawsuit against UK tabloid The Sun, you know that the trial has yielded some rather embarrassing revelations about the actor's personal life.

Johnny Depp at Court

Which is surprising, because we thought years of legal wrangling with ex-wife Amber Heard had already revealed just about every embarrassing thing Johnny Depp has been involved with for the past decade or so.

On day one of testimony, Depp admitted to struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, but he once again denied being abusive toward Heard, and his lawyers argues that she was the aggressor in the relationship.

From there, things took a turn for the weird, as attorneys for The Sun adopted the strategy of trying to convince the court that Depp is such a mess that he can't be relied upon as a credible witness to the events of his own life.

Johnny Depp Smokes

Benders with Marilyn Manson, badly mismanaged finances, excessive man-jewelry ... Depp got deep into all kinds of weird stuff during his time with Heard, and each day of the trial has seen new evidence of a very unorthodox lifestyle.

And Monday was no different.

If you were anywhere near social media yesterday, you probably caught a glimpse of the now-infamous photo that shows Depp passed out with a pint of ice cream overturned in his lap.

Johnny Depp Ice Cream Photo

The Sun's lawyers introduced the photo taken by Heard for the same reason they presented her pic of Johnny's "lunch" (cocaine, pills, and whiskey).

Depp explained in court that his comatose state was the result of 17-hour work days.

“I was obviously on the nod and very tired, falling asleep, and the ice cream then spilled all over my leg,” he stated during cross-examination.

“Then she took that … and showed me the next day and said, ‘Look at what you’ve become … look at you, it’s pathetic,'” 

Amber Heard In Court

Not surprisingly, some folks on the internet have had a lot of fun with the photo.

It yielded a plenty of self-deprecating jokes and was frequently retweeted with single-word commentary, such as "vibes" or "relatable."

If the photo was really the result of a long day on set, that's all well and good.

But if the pic is -- as The Sun's lawyers claim -- evidence of the severity of Depp's opioid prescription ... well, then it's less amusing and more borderline tragic.

Johnny Depp in Glastonbury

Depp concedes that he was struggling with a dependency on Roxicodone at the time, and the pic would have been taken not long before he agreed to retreat to his private island in the Bahamas in order to detox.

It was there, Depp claims, that Heard exacerbated his condition by withholding his detox meds, which he describes as “one of the cruelest things she has ever done.”

He claims that even as he suffered “the heebie-jeebies” and “the shakes, the stomach cramps,” even when he was “at the lowest point in my life on the floor sobbing like a child, and still not received my meds.”

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp: Throwback Photo

Heard has not responded to the allegations, and she may never be required to, as not one of the principal combatants in the lawsuit.

Legal experts are split on the defendants' strategy of assailing Depp's character, seemingly in order to prove that he's the type of person who could have beaten his wife.

Thus far, they have yet to present any hard evidence of the 14 incidents of domestic violence they claim took place over the course of Depp and Heard's relationship.

Heard and Depp

Of course, civil trials are different from criminal trials in that they require a preponderance of evidence, but not proof that goes "beyond a reasonable doubt."

And there are still several days of testimony left in Depp's suit against The Sun, which is scheduled to last for 15 curt days,

Who knows what we'll learn about this wildly messy marriage in the days to come?

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