Jenelle Evans Melts Down Over Claims About Daughter: Ensley DOES Know How to Talk!

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Have you ever known someone who named their kid something really crazy, like X Æ A-12, and when anyone makes fun of it, they accuse that person of mocking a child?

Obviously, the argument is foolish; it makes no sense, and it's a very immature way of deflecting criticism.

Jenelle With Ensley on Instagram

So it should come as no surprise that Jenelle hides behind this type of illogical "logic" any time anyone criticizes her parenting.

Yesterday, we discussed an incident in which Jenelle was harassed on Instagram by an irrationally irate follower.

We mention that now because it's important for us to make a distinction between that incident and the one we're about to explore today:

Jenelle with Kaiser and Ensley

Urging Jenelle (or anyone, for that matter) to kill herself is always unacceptable.

However, expressing concerns about Evans' children is totally fair game.

After all, this is a woman who got back together with the man who shot her dog in front of the kids, knowing full well that the sight of David Eason would be enough to trigger a panic attack in most children who had witnessed such a traumatic ever.

David with Kaiser and Ensley

It takes a lot -- a whole lot, in fact -- for CPS to take someone's children away.

Jenelle has had that happen to her once, and she came close on several other occasions.

All of this is to say that most of the people online who criticize Jenelle's parenting seem to do so in good faith and out of genuine concern for her children's health and well-being.

Jenelle with David and Ensley

Nevertheless, without fail, Jenelle and David frequently respond with public tantrums, thus bolstering the view that the kids are more mature than they are.

Anyway, the latest feud between the Easons and advocates for responsible parenting involves 3-year-old Ensley, Jenelle's youngest child and her only one with David.

For years, people who watched Jenelle on Teen Mom 2 (before she was fired from the show) or followed her on social media have been expressing concerns about Ensley's development.

Fashionable Ensley

Specifically, there are fears that Ensley is non-verbal.

The latest trouble began when someone commented on David's social media asking if Ensley knew how to talk yet.

David reacted the same way he reacts to pretty much everything -- by flying into a rage.

Ensley Comments

"Does she know how to speak yet?" the follower asked.

"Do you know how to stfu," came David's ultra-mature response.

"Or a simple 'go f--k yourself?'" he added, clearly very impressed with his own wit.

Jenelle Evans Struggles to Hold Ensley

From there, David stopped just short of confirming that Ensley is unable to speak:

"My uncle didn't speak one word until he was 5, he is now an engineer," he wrote.

At that point, Jenelle got involved with an Instagram post that was quickly deleted.

Ensley Comments 2

"Whoever made up the BS rumor that my daughter has speech problems, you have no f--king idea how my daughter speaks," Jenelle wrote.

"We haven't been on TV for more than a year, so when did you hear her talk?!" she added.

"She speaks perfectly fine, and her vocabulary is better than Kaiser's. STOP SPREADING FALSE INFORMATION," Evans concluded.

Jenelle and Ensley at Disney

That's an odd post for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it's a bit strange for Jenelle to brag about her 3-year-old daughter having a larger vocabulary than her 6-year-old son.

Is her argument that she did right by one of her children really rooted in the fact that she neglected another?

David probably likes the idea that Ensley is significantly smarter than Kaiser, because Ensley is his child and Kaiser is Nathan Griffith's.

Jenelle Evans with David and Ensley

So Jenelle posted an argument that actually raised more concerns about the harm she's doing to her children.

All of this comes at a time when Jenelle is already up against the ropes, thanks to the revelation that she's been selling mold-infested makeup to her few remaining fans. 

We thought that once she got fired from MTV, Jenelle would do herself from a favor by merely slinking away from the public eye.

Instead, she's been digging herself a deeper and deeper hole with her increasingly ludicrous behavior.

The irony is that Evans has clung to relevancy in the hope that her modicum of fame will save her from having to get a real job.

But the more damage she does to her own reputation, the more she ensures that no media brand will ever work with her again.

Couldn't happen to a more deserving person ...

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