Jenelle Evans Harassed By Trolls: You're the World's Worst Mom! Kill Yourself!

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Before we delve into the latest controversy surrounding Jenelle Evans, it's important for us to clarify a few crucial points:

Things may have been different back when she could afford to buy friends, but these days, we're pretty sure no one other than Jenelle Evans would say that Jenelle Evans is a good mom.

PB and Jenelle-y

With the possible exception of a few hall of shamers from Intervention or Love After Lockup, Jenelle is almost inarguably the worst mom to ever be featured on reality television.

At her best, she's negligent; at her worst, she plays an active role in traumatizing her own children.

She's a bigot, a substance abuser, and an enabler to David Eason, whose own misdeeds are too plentiful to list here.


Eason's recent lowlights include verbally abusing Jenelle's son Kaiser and horrifying the entire family by shooting his wife's dog in front of his children and stepchildren.

Despite all of that, there are still limits to the kind of language that's acceptable to use when criticizing Jenelle.

And one Instagram troll crossed the line in a major way this week:

Jenelle on IG

Jenelle recently shared the above screenshot of a DM from a user identified only as Colton.

"Lol limits comments so people don't tell you what a trash bag terrible mother you are," Colton wrote, seemingly referring to Evans' most recent post.

"I hope for their sake and theirs alone, you do not get covid and pass it on to them," the hater continued.

Jenelle Evans: All Smiles??

"David might have to shoot one if they get too rabid. #killyourself," he concluded, in case there was any confusion about his feelings toward Jenelle.

"I'm confused... who pissed in his cereal this morning," Jenelle captioned the screenshot.

She's showing uncharacteristic restraint there, but to be fair, we don't know how much time had passed, or how she reacted to the message when she first saw it.

Jenelle Evans Sort of Smirks

The DM was likely a response to the recent revelation that Jenelle refuses to wear a mask while shopping at Wal-Mart and openly mocks people who follow CDC guidelines by wearing some sort of facial covering in public.

Like so many of Jenelle's actions, this stance is ignorant, cruel, and has the potential to cause considerable harm to others.

Stories like that are why Jenelle should never make another dime working in media.

Jenelle Evans Won't Wear a Mask

They're the reason why we'll all enjoy a hearty laugh when she's eventually forced to swallow her pride and get a real job -- hopefully one where a mask is a mandatory part of her uniform.

But the Wal-Mart incident does not justify the kind of verbal abuse that this Coloton a-hole heaped on her this week.

Jenelle may have spent her entire life going low, but it's still important that we continue to go high in our discussions of her deplorable behavior.

Jenelle in Nashville

Otherwise, you're no better than she is.

Okay, fine, you're almost certainly much, much better than she is, but the fact remains that harassing people on social media is the kind of thing that Jenelle Evans would do.

And we can think of no greater shame than engaging in Jenelle-like behavior.

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