Jason Duggar Joins Instagram... And You Know What That Means!

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Jason Duggar is coming for you.

Quite possibly, that is.

Jason Duggar on Instagram

This 20-year old, lesser-known member of the country's most polarizing family has taken the step that often leads to yet another gigantic step.

Which is to say:

Jason Duggar has now joined Instagram, which means he may soon be courting, which means he may soon be getting married.

And, from there, it's only a matter of approximately nine months or so until Jason is a father.

Jason Duggar

Duggar surprised many across the Internet late last week when he created his social media account, using it to post a photo of himself and some other members of his family after a bike ride.

"Met up with this crew after work for a bike ride on our local trail! #RazorbackGreenway!" he wrote as a caption.

On a roll after this posting, Jason then published the image below just about an hour ago, penning as a message along with it:

Back to the ol’ grind. #monday.

Jason Duggar Photograph

Just over a year ago, Jason was rumored to be engaged to Lauren Caldwell, the sister of Joseph Duggar's wife, Kendra Caldwell.

The two were photographed on a number of occasions last spring, but no romance ever seemed to come of these sightings.

Now, however?

The establishment of a social media platform has almost always, over the years, meant that a Duggar child was seeking to mate.


“I smell a courtship brewing!!” one commenter wrote with a heart-eyes emoji in response to this news, adding:

“The boys get insta … then a courtship! It’s been noted in the past.”

This is accurate, but: Jana Duggar joined Instagram in January of 2019 and has yet to announce a courtship. (She does sound ready, though!

Moreover, her younger brother, Jedidiah Duggar, made his page in October of 2019... and there haven’t been any announcements on that front, either.

Might Duggars be loosening up their strict rules about social media?

In the past, the sons and daughters of Jim Bob and Michelle weren’t allowed to use Twitter or Instagram until they were engaged.

This was just one of many unusual Duggar family rules that left critics scratching their foreheads and/or raising their eyebrows.

We guess Jim Bob and Michelle (pictured below) have their reasons, but they haven't tried very hard to explain these reasons to the public.

Michelle and Jim Duggar on Video

Many observers, meanwhile, think that Jason may not be on Instagram not for personal reasons -- but for a professional reason.

His bio lists him as a contractor, outdoorsman and musician and, like we noted above, his second-ever photo was of him at work.

Could Jason therefore be using social media in order to promote his work?

On June 21, he shared a photo (on the Instagram account for Build Master Construction) of a house he was helping fix up, captioning the shot,

“Home renovation underway in Bella Vista, Arkansas. Replacing the siding and giving this house a facelift."

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