Gia Giudice Flaunts Insane Bikini Body, Divides Fans

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Gia Giudice has come a long way from the young girl viewers met a long while back on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

And this is exactly why some fans are now worried about the 19-year old.

Gia Giudice Bikini Pic

On Friday, the oldest child of Teresa and Joe Giudice shared the above bikini photo, including with it a simple caption that reads:

Catch me here.

A week prior, Gia shared a different bikini phot, standing alongside her famous parent on the beach and writing:

matching w mamma.

Gia Giudice on the Beach

Taken by themselves, we wouldn't think much of these pictures.

Lord knows plenty of teenagers out there have shared far worse on social media.

But Gia also bragged about getting a nose job this month, showing off her new honker for followers and telling the world:

"yes I got a nose job. yes I’m swollen," trying to stave off criticism by quickly adding: "I am an adult now."

Giudice, Gia

This is a debatable point, of course.

Gia isn't even old enough to legally drink alcohol and her own mother previously said she didn't want her daughters to get plastic surgery until they were 21 years old.

That said, Teresa has already come out in support fo Gia's rhinoplasty.

“Couldn’t be more proud of you,” the Real Housewives of New Jersey star wrote in response to the nose job confirmation post, adding:

“You are beautiful inside and out. Love you to infinity and beyond."

Gia Giudice, Armpits

Fast forward a few more days after this reveal and we learned that Gia underwent a procedure so that she doesn't sweat very much from her armpits.

"Have you ever been annoyed about underarm sweat stains on your brand new blouse? Or white deodorant marks on black outfits? I sure have, but I’m excited to say bye-bye to both," she wrote at the time, explaining:

"I just got this amazing treatment called miraDry at @elysiumveincare and I cannot wait to see my results!"

Christian Carmichael

Yes, Gia tagged the surgeon who performed her nose job and also tagged the doctor who performed her armpit thingy, causing us to believe she got these procedures done for free... in exchange for free advertising.

And, hey, good for her, right? 

Let's not knock the hustle.

But let's take the bikini photos and add to them the nose job and sprinkle in this armpit adjustment and consider the physician plugs and wonder...

Teresa Giudice and Gia Giudice Together

... is Gia Giudice growing up way too quickly?

Is she following far too closely in the footsteps of her mother?

Yes, Teresa earned a lot of money, but she has also spent time in jail, gotten a divorce and generally come across as everything wrong with putting entitled people on reality television.

We're just asking.

But we can't be the only ones doing so.

Gia Giudice, Boyfriend

Considering her willingness to put everything about her life out there, and her willingness to do or say nearly anything in order to garner attention, a Gia Giudice spinoff seems almost inevitable at this point, doesn't it?

Just like her mom, Gia would probably bank a large salary if/when this does come to fruition.

However, we need to once again ask:

Does she really want to end up like Teresa?

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