Farrah Abraham: Screw All You Haters BULLYING Me Into Being a Bad Mom!

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Even as she threatens a reality TV comeback, Farrah Abraham has been defending her ridiculous TikTok antics and bad parenting.

Now she says that her growing legion of critics are to blame ... for forcing her to change the way that she parents. What?


Farrah Abraham is opening up to Life & Style about the ways that she feels held to a double standard.

"I feel like I cannot do a regular TikTok challenge," Farrah admits.

She feels like she cannot do normal TikTok challenges "without it being like ostracized by haters."

(That is not what ostracized means.)

Farrah Abraham Gestures Excitedly

"Every other TikToker can do a crazy dance," Farrah complains.

"I’m like," she says, "I even say to Sophia, ‘That dance is kind of inappropriate.’"

Farrah continues "and she’ll be like, ‘Mom, I want to do what I want to do.'"

Farrah Abraham DEMANDS Attention in a Bubblegum Bikini

“And then I will get in trouble," Farrah whines.

"So they," she says, "these other parents and these other famous TikTokers, you know, like calm down on their trends."

Farrah says that she wants all other TikTok users to tone down their activities "because it gets like celebrities like real heat."

Farrah Abraham with In Touch

Farrah reveals that she has "limited" the amount of internet time that she and Sophia have.

“I’ve actually changed like our whole kind of a vibe with our online stuff,” she states.

Farrah does freely admit that she adores Instagram and Twitter.

Farrah Abraham Teaches Sophia Abraham to Be a Bully

Love them though she might, she sees the value in taking a break from screen time.

“I’ve literally had to say because of the interactions," Farrah reveals.

She continues: "like, [because] people aren’t so lighthearted with us, like, this is my real life.”

Farrah Abraham Workout Pic

"I can’t have fun all the time,” Farrah laments.

“I think if social media gets so serious," she reflects, "we kind of just like take a step back."

Farrah adds: "So I’ve just kind of been limiting my posts, limiting Sophia’s time. We love social media, like [we all] do."

Farrah Abraham Lounges in a Bubblegum Bikini

"I don’t care if the rest of the summer, I barely post," Farrah remarks.

She doesn't care "because if I’m not posting something, that’s like me in the sunshine or me going outside or me just having fun with my family."

Farrah expresses: “I don’t really care to post anymore. Like I just want positivity and happiness."

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham Get Weird on Tik Tok

So there was a little goofy Farrah stuff in there but almost no word salad. We've so proud!

Farrah is complaining, you see, that she feels like there is no winning with commenters and fans, who seem to hate whatever she does.

She is also trying to explain that she worries that this is impacting Sophia, too.

Farrah, In the Bahamas

Perhaps we can help by offering some unsolicited advice.

First up, the fact that she and Sophia share a TikTok may make sense in that Sophia is 11, and too young to be on social media by herself (at 13).

But Farrah's brand simply does not mesh well when combined with a tween. On some level, Farrah must know that.

Farrah Abraham Screams at Passersby

Farrah used her social media to record minute after minute of her yelling at Black Lives Matter protesters, accusing people on the street below her of "looting."

Setting aside that looting as a form of protest for the disenfranchised goes back for thousands of years, why was Farrah so involved?

She bragged about calling the LAPD -- during these BLM protests -- and getting dozens of people arrested. Of course she got hate for that.

Farrah Abraham Poses on a Boat

Farrah hs every righ to do sex work, model lingerie, or dance on a boat if she wants to.

But the ways in which she chooses to blend those aspects of her life with Sophia, her daughter, have always alarmed fans.

No one above the age of 11 should be looking for "booty" content on a TikTok that features an 11-year-old. We're not being prudes, here.

Farrah Ex on the Beach

Farrah is right that some people are going to hate what she does no matter what.

Celebrities get that all of the time. It's like they "can't get anything right."

But in Farrah's case, it's more than that.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham, Scooter Giveaway

Seeing her, people cannot help but think of her toxic behavior, her racist rants, and her apparent disconnect from reality that fuels her bad behavior.

And then there's the fact that Farrah either truly does not understand what she is doing wrong or simply is pretending to not understand criticism.

In the video where she playfully smacked Sophia in the face with objects, she made absolutely sure to hold up a boxed dildo to the camera.


Letting Herself Have It

Either it was the world's weirdest product placement, or Farrah knew that it would set people off and attract negative attention. Oh, Farrah.

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