Amy Duggar Shares Post-Baby Body, Keeps It Very Real

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Amy Duggar is nothing if not honest.

The estranged member of this famous family always tells it like it is when it comes to her relatives, saying recently, for example, that Jim Bob is totally secretive and shady.

Amy Duggar and Child

We're not here to once again trash the patriarch of this polarizing famiily, however.

Instead, we're here to praise Jim Bob's niece for her candor iin another area.

"9 months in, 9 months out!!" she wrote as a caption to the photos above and below, which features Amy both holding her son and standing by herself.

"I almost deleted this pic," she added. 

"I was ughh my arms are too flabby, look at that pooch and why am I so white!? We can be so hard on ourselves sometimes and for what reason!?"

Amy Duggar on Insta

What a great question, right?

Far too often these days, celebrities share postpartum photos of their bikini body and act as if NOTHING in the world matters more than losing weight.

This is a terrible message to send.

And it's an especially terrible message to send to new mothers.

Amy Duggar King Selfie

"I have nothing to feel embarrassed about and there's no reason I should feel bad about this picture at all," Amy continued.

"It's real, not edited. After surgery I had extreme vertigo.

"It was awful, I couldn't walk half way across the store without needing to sit down or hold on to something.

"I always felt like at any moment I could pass out."

Amy Duggar and Fam

Earlier this month, Amy gave an extensive interview in which she admiitted to not being close to any other Duggars.

But she shrugged it off.

"I think we are all just trying to find our path, and we're all just doing things differently," said Amy, whose mother, Deanna, is Jim Bob Duggar's older sister.

Amy and Daxton

Never having appeared on any reality shows and never adhering to the family's strict religious guidelines, Amy welcomed son Daxton last year and seems quite content with the choices she's made.

"I've got a 9-month-old, a restaurant that's expanding, a boutique that's doing well. TV [in general] is just a whole lot of hustle and bustle," she told Entertainment Tonight.

"I want to be received as a genuine, kind person, and TV in general can give people a different perception of who someone is. I'm in a good place and I wish my family all the best.

"I have freedom and it is wonderful."

Hello, Daxton!

As for this post-baby body photo set?

"I couldn't work out or really be active at all and it does show but thats ok!!" she concluded of how she's doing and feeling these days.

"It's getting better though and I'm excited to go on a long walk very soon! I'll definitely track my progress!

"I'm so glad I didn't delete this pic, mom pooch and all!"

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