Mady Gosselin Shares Smart Anti-Racism Messages as Protests Continue

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Jon Gosselin's two eldest children may be too brainwashed to speak to him, but it looks like Mady still has a good head on her shoulders.

As impassioned protests continue from coast to coast, she is speaking up against racism.

Mady Gosselin is Stuck at Home

Cady Gosselin is one of Jon and Kate's 19-year-old twins.

This past school year was her first year of college -- a year that was interrupted in March by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like countless other college students, she returned home. In her case, that unfortunately meant moving back in with Kate.

But just because she has been sheltering at home doesn't mean that she can't speak out onĀ 

Mady Gosselin IG Story - 6 ways to tackle racism

So, Mady took to her Instagram Stories this week to share a resource on ways that Asian Americans can tackle anti-black racism.

"It discusses the imporance of minorities standing together," Mady writes.

She suggests that she and other Asian Americans can work in solidarity "rather than defaulting on honorary whiteness."

Mady could easily pass for white if she were not famous. But she would rather stand arm-in-arm with fellow people of color.

Mady Gosselin Selfie

The resource that Mady notes includes "ways to discuss the topic of racism with family members."

Other minorities are not necessarily immune to anti-black racism, even those who face racism themselves like Asian Americans.

Mady encourages her followers to "use it as a resource, just as I have."

We are admittedly curious which conversations she has had, and with whom, but that's not really our business.

mady gosselin kate gosselin tiktok - fight prediction

Asians in America are sometimes viewed as a "model minority."

Asian men are often reduced to stereotypes, or viewed through that lens.

Meanwhile, Asian women are often objectified or even fetishized in the Western world.

These are examples of racism. As, too, are microaggressions that Asians face in their day-to-day lives.

Mady Gosselin Pic

That is not the same as the anti-black institutional racism that gets black Americans abused and killed by police violence.

According to various Asian Americans on social media, some have had trouble speaking with their families about these courageous protests.

If you experience little racism in your daily life, it can be easy to overlook what another experiences.

But we can all open our eyes to the oppression of others and do what we can to help.

Mady Gosselin Turns 18

It is wonderful that Mady and hopefully some of her siblings are so conscious of the horrors of generational oppression and racism.

As most of us have seen on social media, some people -- yes, including some who are her age -- do not get it.

Ultimately, it is impossible to explain to someone why they should care about the lives and experiences of others.

You either get it or you do not.

Alexis Gosselin, Joel Gosselin, and Mady Gosselin

Not only does Mady get it, but she is hoping to help others understand how they can help.

In addition to that resource, she also shared a list of ways that white Americans can help.

It is not enough for those of us who are white to be not racist. We must also be anti-racist.

Good for Mady for using her platform to share such positive messages and helpful resources during this important time.

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