Mackenzie McKee: I'm Such an Idiot! Josh Never Banged My Cousin!

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Oops, you guys!

Mackenzie McKee's major bad!

Mackenzie McKee and 3 Cute Kids

The long-time Teen Mom OG star has spent the past few weeks blasting her husband, Josh, for allegedly stepping out on her for a second time.

In this especially personal and painful case, McKee claimed - via a VERY long and detailed Facebook post - that  Josh cheated on her.

Not just that he cheated. That Josh cheated on her with her very own cousin.

McKee Split 1

Back in late May, Mackenzie explained that the father of her three kids had been acting a bit strange, so she "made the random decision to pull joshes [sic] call and text logs."

And what she supposedly found at the time totally digusted her.

"To find out that one week after my mom died ‘when he started leaving and changing his behavior’ to find he was texting a woman 3-600 times per month and calling her on these nights he was ‘fishing’ until 3am," she wrote.

Mackenzie Douthit

McKee then said this woman was her cousin, Ashley.

“Today is the day I walk away," she vowed toward the end of her post, indicating that maybe -- unlike previous times in which she's been at or near her breaking point -- this really was it for the couple's marriage.

No one would have blamed McKee for arriving at such a decision, right?

McKee Split 2

Except... Mackenzie started hinting almost immediately afterward that she might take Josh back.

And THEN she confessed that perhaps Josh didn't actually sleep with Ashley.

Sounding almost irritated that followers would have believed he did so, despite what she herself said about the relationship, McKee attempted to clarify.

Now she says Josh merely confided often in her cousin because he was seeking guidance on how to comfort his wife after her mom died.

Which sounds like some pretty stellar husband-ing to us, really.

"Josh was texting and calling her for advice on how to handle me and to me that was wrong on both ends and enough to walk away," McKee later said.

"Now let’s all move along," she added.

mac facts

Except... Mackenzie is the one who keeps bringing her marriage up.

Earlier this month, McKee admitted she made a mistake by going so public with allegations of an in-family affair, considering she was ill-informed at the time.

“When your an idiot and don’t listen to your siblings. So you make a status on fb before knowing your facts," Tweeted the MTV personality.

"Never again will I do something so irrational.”

Mackenzie McKee Thirsty

A fan then told McKee that she ought to clear up all of the confusion, but Mackenzie replied that “it’s too late” because “people already believe what they want to.”

This, of course, is some classic gaslighting ... considering Mackenzie was the one who told everyone in the first place that her husband cheated.

Josh, however, did actually cheat on Mackenzie last summer.

Mackenzie McKee for Teen Mom OG

McKee claimed back then that she was also done with the marriage, only to accept Josh's re-proposal in October, telling fans that he was absolutely a changed man.

It's all very confounding and, likely quite annoying to observers who feel yanked around and maybe even manipulated by the reality star.

(Not for the first time, either ... just saying.)

Mackenzie and Josh McKee Gym

In this case, a follower told McKee she “might have ADHD” due to how frequently she posts things without knowing the full truth.

The Teen Mom star agreed with that take.

“Well that’s no secret," she wrote.

Mackenzie McKee in the House

If this is really the case, there's medication McKee can take to help.

But if it's instead the case that she just doesn't think things through, or worse, posts things just to get attention and remain relevant?

She really needs to stop doing that.

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