Kate Middleton: Is She Being Bullied By Meghan Markle Fans?

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Now that they live more than 5,000 miles apart, you might think the feud between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton would subside -- or at least that it would stop making tabloid headlines.

Markle and Middleton

But somehow, the distance doesn't seem to have done much to ease tensions between the duchesses -- and it certainly hasn't put a damper on the media's enthusiasm for covering each new hostility.

Earlier this month, Meghan was accused of leaking damaging information about Kate in an attempt to besmirch her rival's reputation.

Just last week, we learned that Kate is so fed up with hearing her name mentioned alongside her sister-in-law's that she threatened to sue a publication for comparing her to Meghan.

Middleton and Markle

Like we said, it's not easy to keep a feud going when the combatants live on different continents.

But clearly, the Dueling Duchesses are committed to the cause.

However, it's worth noting that the most recent indication of strife between Kate and Meghan has little to do with the women themselves and much to do with their fans.

According to The Express and other British tabloids, there's been an escalation in hostility between Meghan's fans and Kate's.

A Fab Four

In heated online debates, these obsessive "stans" attack one another while defending their duchess of choice.

These petty conflicts might have gone mostly unnoticed were it not for the fact that they recently spilled over into a live event hosted remotely by Kate.

“Today I wanted to talk to you about the importance of being kind and looking after one another," the Duchess of Cambridge said to viewers who tuned in to her live web broadcast on Wednesday.

“I’m now going to join a Zoom call with some pupils from Waterloo Primary Academy in Blackpool to find out what kindness means to them.” 

Kate Middleton on Zoom

From there, Kate conducted a conversation with the children on the subject of kindness.

“Who wants to tell me what kindness means to them?” she asked.

“Treat people how you want to be treated? Sharing? That’s kindness," one kid answered.

In other words, it was the sort of event we've seen a lot of in recent months -- a very familiar scene, until it wasn't.

Kate Middleton and Meghan on Christmas

According to The Express, the video was "hijacked" by Meghan supporters, who tend to outnumber Kate supporters online.

Viewers were permitted to comment on the proceedings in real time, and ... well, some of them didn't hold back in their remarks about Kate.

“Considering the way that Meghan was treated by her, I’m not really sure that she’s the best spokesperson for the concept of kindness towards others," one person wrote.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Friendly

“Ooh Really? She should have started that kindness from home by showing Meghan some bit of kindness," another echoed.

“Or is her kindness only limited to specific people?” a third chimed in.

“I also was wondering when Kate was going to copy and paste Meghan I guess this is Kate school talk," yet another commenter offered.

You get the idea.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Enjoy Sports Together

It went on like this throughout Kate's call.

Today, Palace officials are likely wondering if this will be an ongoing problem.

And if so, what are they going to do about it?

Will new security measures need to be taken? Should Kate stop hosting online events for the time being?

Look at Us! BFFs!

Meghan does seem to be more popular than Kate online, and not only that, her fans tend to be more outspoken.

This likely has something to do with the fact that they're overwhelmingly American.

We're not exactly known for our nuanced discourse on social media platforms.

So now, the Brits are once again dealing with a rabble of angry colonists.

Our Duchess

And it's not like they can appeal to Meghan to call them off.

For one thing, Markle has no control over the online mob, and on top of that, we doubt that Kate enduring a little light harassment online is her top priority these days.

What seems more likely is that Kate will just have to put up with this sort of thing going forward.

And she'll be forced to contemplate her allegedly unfair treatment of Meghan every time she reads a comments section.

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