Gary Shirley: My Stepdad is in the ICU with Coronavirus!

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Poor Gary Shirley.

The guy has the great misfortunate to be tied to Amber Portwood for the rest of this whole life, and now this.

Gary Shirley 2016 VMAs

In case you missed it, Gary revealed last weekend that his mother had officially tested positive for coronavirus.

He made the announcement on Mother's Day, and he understandably seemed very upset about it all.

His mother works at an assisted living facility, so as he explained it, she was at a higher risk for catching the virus, meaning that it wasn't a total shock when she tested positive.

Gary Shirley's mom

That certainly didn't mean it wasn't scary though.

The Teen Mom mainstay said that he'd been dropping off food for her on her porch, and that even though she's sick, they've been practicing social distancing like he has been for the past few months.

With good reason.

Gary Shirley and Family

Gary's youngest daughter, Emilee, has an immunodeficiency disorder, so they've been taking the quarantine very seriously.

He and wife Kristina Anderson share Emiliee; Gary, of course, is also the father of Amber Portwood's daughter Leah.

While the health crisis has been tough on everybody, it's obvious that families like Gary's are shouldering a huge burden.

Gary Shirley, Kristina Anderson Photo

Sadly, this weekend brings more tough news on that front.

In that post, Gary said that while his stepfather, Jody, hadn't been tested, he'd been showing symptoms of the virus.

And now he has an update on that.

Unfortunately, it's not a good one.

Gary and Jody

He shared some photos of Jody on Instagram, and in his caption for those photos, he asked his followers to "Please continue to pray for my family."

"Jody (my stepdad) was rushed to the hospital a few days ago with very low levels of oxygen," he continued.

"He was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit and diagnosed with Covid-19 & Pneumonia."

Gary Shirley on Teen Mom OG

Gary said that Jody is "receiving plasma, a new clinical drug and on a breathing machine in hopes to fight this virus."

"As you can imagine this is very difficult on my family."

He did finish things up with a bit of good news though.


"Update on my mom .... she is getting stronger everyday and on the mend," he wrote.

Hopefully we can soon say the same about Jody.

Jody was featured in a storyline on Teen Mom OG a couple of seasons back - Gary always thought that he was his biological father, although he hadn't been around for much of his life.

It's Gary Time

He said that he starting spending time with Gary sometime around 2014, and the two were building a relationship.

At the same time, he felt the need to take a paternity test to find out if Jody really was who he thought he was.

As it turned out, Jody wasn't his biological father.

Gary Shirley With Kristina Anderson

It was a devastating thing to learn, but Jody did make it clear that he wasn't going anywhere. And at this point, it's clear he was telling the truth.

Hopefully Jody gets better so he and Gary can continue getting closer.

Let's keep thinking good thoughts for this family, OK?

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