Gary Shirley: My Mom Has Coronavirus ... and Jody Too. Pray For Us!

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Sad news from Anderson, Indiana this week.

And for once, it doesn't have anything to do with Teen Mom OG cast member Amber Portwood being a terrible person.

Gary Shirley on Teen Mom OG

Gary Shirley, Amber's ex-boyfriend and the father of her daughter, Leah, just revealed some sad news about his family.

Yesterday, like so many other people, Gary hopped on social media to post a message about Mother's Day.

But unfortunately, his message took a very tragic turn pretty quick.

Gary Shirley's mom

"This Mother's Day is a little hard because my mother is very sick," the 33-year-old MTV staple began.

"A week ago she was diagnosed with Covid-19."

As for how she contracted it, Gary continued:

"Her line of work put her at a higher risk since she was working in activities and house keeping at an assisted living facility."

Gary Shirley 2016 VMAs

"My wife and I have been trying to help by dropping off food (curbside) so she could focus on getting rest," he added.

"We haven't hugged her in about 3 months & and we haven't had her over inside our home for about 3 months.:

"This has been extremely hard for all of us."

Gary Shirley and Family

He then revealed that his youngest daughter, Emilee, "has an immunodeficiency disorder where she gets sick easily," so they've really been taking social distancing guidelines very seriously.

They've only gone out for supplies a few times, he said.

However, "I knew my mother would be exposed at some point due to her job which was very worrisome itself."

Gary Time!

"Now, with a confirmed case of covid-19 we are worried more and limited on what we can do to help," he laments.

As for how she's been handling the illness, Gary said that "She has good days and of course bad days like today."

He also said that Jody, the man he thought was his biological father but recently found out was not, lives with her.

Kristina Anderson and Gary Shirley

It sounds like Jody may have the virus as well now.

"And I knew it would only be a matter of time before he would get it, and of course .... I believe he has it now," says Gary.

"He has the symptoms, but hasn't had the test yet."

Obviously this is both a sad and scary situation, but Gary is doing what he can to stay positive and help however he can.

Gary Shirley at 2017 VMAs

He writes in a message re-posted by MTV on Facebook:

"I will be dropping off breakfast in the morning on the porch and wishing her a Happy Mother's Day while praying for her."

"All prayers are welcomed and much appreciated."

Gary Shirley With Kristina Anderson

Shirley finished off his message on a brighter note with a tribute to Kristina Anderson, his wife and the mother of Emilee.

Gary married Kristina in 2015. They welcomed Emilee that same year; She also has a child from a previous marriage.

"Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mothers and a BIG Happy Mother's Day to my amazing wife."

Gary Shirley, Kristina Anderson Photo

Kristina’s oldest daughter, Karly, is around the same age as Leah. Gary and Amber had her more than 11 years ago!

One can't help but feel terrible for all families in situations like this, with small children unable to visit an ailing relative.

Sadly, millions of people across the nation can relate.

It's Gary Time

While it doesn't sound like Gary's mom is experiencing a mild case, it also sounds like she's not dangerously ill, either.

Here's hoping. Hopefully she'll recover soon, and hopefully not too long after that her loving son will be able to visit.

Nothing but good thoughts for the Shirley family!

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