Mackenzie McKee: I'm SO Much Happier Without Josh ... Finally!

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Mackenzie McKee is a little bit irritated at the moment.

She's a little bit annoyed and a tad bit flustered at what people are saying about her on social media.

But perhaps the Teen Mom OG star can also understand where all the confusion is coming from in regard to her marriage.

Mackenzie on Easter

Mackenzie and estranged husband Josh share three young kids... and quite a rocky recent history.

Just about a year ago, rumors started too surface that Josh was stepping out on his wife and long-term love.

He denied the chatter at the time, despite women at a bar claiming that Josh was getting mighty cozy with some females who weren't his wife while he was on the road for a rodeo.

McKee bought what Josh was selling at the time, only to then actually witness his actions when last year's Teen Mom OG episodes aired... and to then kick his lying rear end to the curb.

Mackenzie in 2020

Mackenzie proceeded to blast Josh for many weeks, slamming him as a liar and a generally terrible person...

... only to then accept his re-proposal last October when Josh said he had changed and actually got down on one knee and asked for his wife's hand in marriage. Again.

This is where the new season of Teen Mom OG has picked up, with last week's episode of the MTV series giving us a look at Josh's romantic surprise because it was filmed many months ago.

The thing is, in real time, Mackenzie has actually split from her husband. Again.

We documented the reality star's most recent status update below:

But those watching Teen Mom OG each week, and not following Mackenzie's updates on Instagram, are understandably confused.

Isn't she back together with Josh? Didn't just say yes to his second proposal?

And, if so, why wouldn't Josh be included in Mackenzie's fresh round of Easter photos?

Like we said: It's confusing.

Mackenzie and Josh Reunited

Earlier this week, Mackenize shared a photo of herself and her three kids on social media in honor of Jesus Christ's resurrection, only to be met with comments such as these:

Aww, hubby not in the pics.

Where is Josh?

No Josh? What’s happening?

Mackenzie simply couldn't handle the feedback, responding to the questions by simply stating that life is a lot easier with Josh in the (literal) picture.

McKee message

We're sure that's true. We're sure it is easier.

And we do get why Mackenzie would be sick and tired of answering questions such as these.

But until Teen Mom episodes catch up to real time, and/or until Mackenzie and Josh remain broken apart for a lengthy duration of time, she may need to keep dealing with them.

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