Maci Bookout: I NEVER Talk to Ryan Edwards! He's Clueless!

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On second thought...

... perhaps Maci Bookout actually does still hate Ryan Edwards.

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Late last month, Bookout previewed this new season of Teen Mom OG by saying that she and her troubled ex actually kind of get along these days.

They do share a son, after all, and apparently put their many differences aside on upcoming new episodes to be there for Bentley -- as his mother and father.

"There are some times that are coming up on the season that we are actually in the same room together, doing the best that we can for Bentley's sake," Maci said in this recent interview, adding of her relationship with Edwards:

"It's still just a thing where I think baby steps are best and definitely not forcing anything that doesn't seem like it would happen naturally."

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This may end up being true.

But such a connection between Edwards -- who has been arrested multiple time for drug possession and against whom Maci has a restraining order -- and Bookout has not existed through the first two episodes of Teen Mom OG in 2020.

That much is certain.

Maci Bookout as an OG

On the March 24 Teen Mom OG episode, for example, Ryan was angry because Maci didn't take Bentley to her half-brother's first birthday party.

Why did she keep her son away from the son Ryan shares with new wife Mackenzie?

Let's allow Maci to respond, shall we?

“We have zero communication, so I think it’s hard for him to get a real look,” Maci told Hollywood Life, telling the celebrity gossip outlet that Ryan is in no position to judge.

Maci DeShane Bookout McKinney

And really no position in general to have a clue about what's happening with her.

“We’ll look into what is actually going on and how things actually happen, hopefully, because we don’t speak to each other and he can’t speak to me," Bookout added, referencing the protection order she obtained in April of 2018 shortly following Ryan’s arrest for missing a drug test.

As for why Ryan always seems to think the worst of her?

Maci has a theory.

Maci Bookout Moves On

“In all honesty, I think to figure out true feelings or true thoughts on something, he’d have to put in a little bit of effort or work when it comes to communication," she explained.

"Not to me, but with people that are in his family, and I’m not sure that he wants to go through the process of getting the information.”

Bookout does want what's best for Bentley, of course.

And yet she says she and Ryan "don’t really co-parent," although she does keep in contact with Ryan's mother and father, Jen and Larry.

Pondering a Future

How is Ryan even doing these days?

Maci isn't the person to ask.

“I really can’t say, because I don’t talk to him or see him or anything like that,” Maci concluded. “So I don’t have the knowledge to make an assessment.”

Edwars completed a 90-day stay in rehab at the end of 2018, but was arrested again in January 2019 for theft of services under $1,000 and possession of heroin.

Thankfully, at least, we can confirm he won't be having any more kids.

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