Jenelle Evans to Mackenzie McKee: Sorry I Called You a Thirsty Loser!

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It makes sense that Jenelle Evans would be a little bitter about losing her spot on the Teen Mom 2 cast.

After all, when Evans got fired by MTV, she lost much more than just a job.

Jenelle Evans on Her Birthday

TM2 made Jenelle famous and offered her the sort of financial stability that most ex-cons can only dream of.

At 28, it's basically the only job Evans has ever had, and it seems she's finally coming to terms with the fact that she probably won't be stumbling into another $400,000-a-year gig that doesn't require her to do any real work.

Jenelle has been launching business ventures to try and avoid seeking actual employment, but thus far, they haven't panned out -- and full-blown destitution is looming on the horizon.

And so, Jenelle is coping with the situation by doing what she does best -- blaming others and hurling insults.

Jenelle in the Snow

In a desperate bid to cling to her last shred of relevance, Jenelle has been doing interviews with little-known podcasts in recent weeks.

During her latest call-in chat, she played a little word-association game involving her former Teen Mom colleagues.

Jenelle labeled Farrah Abraham the "most fake;" Kailyn Lowry was the "most bitchy," etc.

Toward the end of the game, Jenelle branded Mackenzie McKee as the "most thirsty" of the Teen Moms, and while it's a far less-insulting remark than most of the others, it seems that's the burn that Jenelle regrets.

Mackenzie on Easter

"I have nothing against Mackenzie McKee what-so-ever," Evans tweeted on Wednesday.

"I played someone’s podcast game about different Teen Moms and I was being honest," she added.

"Sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings."

The "I was being honest" line has gotta be the weirdest part of that pseudo-apology.

Jenelle and Mackenzie

So ... she really does think Mackenzie is thirsty, but she regrets saying it publicly?

Whatever the case, it seems McKee is unbothered by Jenelle's remarks.

"What are you thoughts on Jenelle calling you thirsty?" a fan asked Mackenzie during a recent Instagram Q&A session.

"She ain't wrong, I drink 8 water bottles a day," McKee responded.

Mackenzie in 2020

Yes, she's a mom who can deliver a solid dad joke on command.

Needless to say, she's a major upgrade over Jenelle.

We suppose it's not surprising that Mackenzie simply shrugged off Evans' remark.

After all, she probably feels more pity toward Jenelle than anything else these days.

Mackenzie Reacts

Mackenzie waited in the wings for years before being cast on Teen Mom OG for the show's most recent season.

Her work ethic is roughly 400 times greater than Jenelle's, but she still knows how difficult it can be to support a family without a cushy six-figure gig like the one Jenelle took for granted.

It would be easy for McKee to kick her former colleague while she's down -- and no one would blame her in the slightest.

But that's the sort of thing Jenelle would do, no Mackenzie.

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