Blake Horstmann Trashes Nick Viall: What a Lame $hit Talker!

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We all know that Nick Viall can dish it out.

But can the former Bachelor take it?

We're about to find out...

Blake Horstmann and Nick Viall

Following yet another polarizing installment of Viall's podcast, The Viall Files, during which the host trashed the living heck out of Madison Prewett, Blake Horstmann has gone on record with his opinion of the former Bachelor.

Spoiler Alert:

It's not positive.

Blake Horstmann in Paradise

On Wednesday, the former Bachelor in Paradise villain was if he would ever appear as a guest on Viall’s podcast, to which the reality star replied:

“I would rather sh-t in my hand and clap. … He talks sh-t about everyone."

That's quite an interesting way of saying the guy sucks, isn't it?

But Horstmann does have first-hand experience with Viall's particular brand of judgment.

Blake Horstmann diss

Back in August of 2019, Viall called out Horstmann after the ABC personality released screenshots of his text messages with Bachelor in Paradise costar Caelynn Miller-Keyes about their hookup during the Stagecoach country music festival.

Horstmann also admitted to having intercourse with castmate Kristina Schulman the same weekend.

The guy is both a player...

... and he crushes a lot.

Blake Horstmann on ABC

Viall slammed Horstmann’s actions as “premeditated” at the time, saying on his podcast:

“He ended up deleting [the text screenshots] when it got really nasty, but it’s not like he didn’t realize. This whole idea, ‘I didn’t think this would affect her the way it did,’ he knew."

Viall wasn't finished, either

He went on last summer to get rather personal, referring to Horstmann as a "f-ck boy" and a phony.

A Viall Selfie

“It didn’t go his way and then he decided to retaliate," Viall said of Blake's text message reveal, adding:

"It was more important for him to try to change people’s opinions back to like, ‘Oh, Blake is just a sweet boy. This was just one weekend where he got a little drunk and had a little bit of sex.’

"No, he’s been, like, f-cking like crazy for an entire year."

On Wednesday, Horstmann told his Instagram followers that he doesn't know whether he “ever could” go on another Bachelor show.

Blake, 28

“I wanna meet everyone. I love getting to know people outside of an edited TV show,” he explained on his Instagram Stories. “I love being surprised by the real person.”

In that case, yes, Blake is best off staying away from Bachelor Nation.

And, let's face it, would anyone really miss him or Viall if we never heard from either ever again?

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