Anna Duggar: Defying Jim Bob By Dressing Her Daughter In Pants?!

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As we've said several times in recent months, these are tough times for Jim Bob Duggar.

Jim Bob is feuding with Derick Dillard, and it seems his daughters have not been as quick to take his side as he would like.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Together

In fact, it's been rumored that some women in the family are in open rebellion against Jim Bob, while others have gone to great lentgths to stay on his good side.

Take Anna Duggar, for example.

Anna and Josh are reportedly broke these days.

Some have even gone so far as to say that the couple and their six children are living in a windowless shack on property owned by his patents.

Josh and Anna Duggar Family Photo

So it's not hard to see why Josh and Anna would have remained staunchly pro-JB.

Even those who still like and defend him acknowledge that Jim Bob controls the family finances.

Which is one reason that Anna's latest photo of her children is so unexpected.

Anna posted the pic of her three oldest children on her Instagram page this week:

Anna Duggar's Children

"How did these three grow up so fast?!" she captioned the pic.

Again, Anna hashtagged the post "#littleduggars" which fans have begun to suspect is the title of a spinoff show that Anna and family have pitched to TLC.

The pic might look innocent enough at first, but if you look closely, you'll pick up on the detail that probably caught Jim Bob's eye immediately.

Yes, as you can see, Mackynzie Duggar is wearing pants.

Josh, Anna Duggar Birthday Party

As you're probably aware, Jinger Duggar's decision to star wearing pants after marrying Jeremy Vuolo was the beginning of he end for Jim Bob's reign of terror.

The Duggar dress code is just one of the many ways that Jim Bob tests his children's loyalty on a daily basis.

Once they're adults, they're no longer required to abide by its rules (from that point forward, it's their husbands who decide how the women are allowed to dress. Very progressive).

But prior to Jinger's act of sartorial defiance, the married Duggar women all continued to wear floor-length skirts at all times.

Josh and Anna Duggar with Family

Now, almost none of them do.

Obviously, Mackynzie isn't old enough to make such decisions on her own, which is why so many have taken this photo as a big middle finger from Anna directed squarely at her father-in-law.

It's anyone's guess as to what might have caused the bad blood.

Anna's views on the coronavirus have brought her into conflict with Jim Bob, but in all likelihood the feud does deeper than that.

Josh and Anna at Joseph Duggar's Wedding

Perhaps Anna is upset that her black sheep husband is still in exile.

Or perhaps Anna simply doesn't approve of the way that Jim Bob is treating his daughters.

Or maybe we're just reading too much into a photo of a child wearing jeans.

Hey, this is the Duggars we're talking about, which means pretty much any bonkers explanation you can come up with is entirely plausible!

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