Anna Cardwell: June Shannon's Daughter Details Triumphant Post-Op Return to Work at Walmart

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It has been more than a month since Mama June's eldest daughters went from not to hot with their own plastic surgery makeovers.

Now, Anna Cardwell is talking about her recovery, how it felt to go back to work, and the benefits of her breast augmentation.

Anna Cardwell Smiles in a Selfie

Anna Cardwell opened up to Hollywood Life about getting back to her real life after her breast augmentation, breast lift, and getting veneers.

"I’m a stocker at Walmart," she notes.

"I basically lift up heavy stuff and put it on shelf, and reaching from the top shelf,” Anna describes.

She then reveals: “I went to work probably a week after being at home."

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"I slept most of the time I was home," Anna shares, "because I was off for a little while."

Painkillers and recovery will do that to you.

"Then, I went back to work," she recalls. "It was weird going back to work."

"I was scared to go to work, with the scarring," Anna admits, "because I still had my tape on and I still had stitches."

Anna Cardwell on Instagram

"I was scared about that," Anna confesses. "Also, I was scared that something’s going to pop out, but nothing did."

"I finally took my tape off, probably about a couple of weeks after being home," she reveals.

"My work knew about it," Anna confirms. "I told them exactly what was going on,”

“They put me on small stuff," she says, "like cleaning the shelves off, binning everything,"

Anna Cardwell Shares an After Photo

The recovery was a delicate, complicated time.

"But now," Anna shares, "after almost a month of having the surgery, now, I’ll go out wearing no bra."

"That’s the best part about having this thing," she says, referring to her breast lift.

Anna brags: "You can’t tell that I have a bra on."

anna cardwell: before and after

"I can go to work with no bra on, no problem," Anna dishes.

We kind of suspect that she may get a dress code reminder if her supervisor sees this.

She adds that she will "go around town with no bra on, no problem."

We're happy for her, though notably, going braless can accellerate the body's natural tendency to sag over time.

jessica shannon and anna cardwell interview still

"With the healing process now, with going to work, everything is fine,” Anna shares.

“My incisions are completely gone," she states. "My scarring is slowly starting to go away."

"There is a little bit of redness around the scarring," Anna notes, "but that’s normal."

Yep, that tracks.

Anna Cardwell Photo

"They said it will probably be almost completely gone around summertime, which is great," Anna predicts.

"Which means," she explains, "I’m not going to show them off like that."

"Nobody’s going to see them but my boyfriend," Anna notes.

She then shares: "He loves them."

anna cardwell, plastic surgery pricetag

Some may wonder how in the world a Walmart stocker can afford nearly $50,000 worth of cosmetic procedures.

The reality is that, as we previously speculated, this was probably a deal with the surgeons and with those who initially reported on it.

With Mama June in the news regarding her downward spiral, it was a great time to get one's name out there, right?

That said ... we hope that Anna is remaining safe as an essential worker during this pandemic.

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