Victoria Fuller to Haters: Peter Weber LOVED Me, You Bitter Trolls!

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It didn't come as much of a surprise when Victoria Fuller was eliminated from Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor.

After all, in a franchise that's seen more than its fair share of pot-stirring eccentrics over the years, Victoria might reign supreme as the all-time drama queen.

Victoria and Peter

Which is just one reason that she's sorely missed here at The Hollywood Gossip.

It's tough to decide where to begin when recapping Virginia Vicky's wild run.

The first sign of trouble was the revelation that Victoria dated Chase Rice, the country singer who performed during her first date with Peter!

Shortly thereafter, Fuller's disastrous hometown date seemed to seal her fate.

Victoria Fuller with Peter Weber

To the surprise of some fans, Victoria held on through several more sullen interactions with Pilot Peter.

Many expressed confusion regarding Peter's continued affection for Victoria, but clearly, this is a man who enjoys a challenge.

(See also: His stubborn insistence on chasing after a fundamentalist virgin despite the fact that Ron Jeremy and Bill Clinton are his only competition in the "most public sex life" department.)

Anyway, while she may have rubbed some viewers the wrong way, Victoria clearly hit it off with Peter.

Pete and Vicky

And despite allegations that she was manipulating him from the start, Fuller's latest Instagram post makes it clear that her feelings for Weber were genuine.

On Wednesday, Victoria posted the above photo from the "Women Tell All" special, along with a heartfelt message to Peter:

“Thank you for teaching me about myself, even when I didn’t want to know. Or, when it was unpleasant,” the 26-year-old wrote.

“But, most of all, teaching me that I’m worth it. Thank you for always pushing me to get to the root cause [and] never judging me along the way.”

Victoria Fuller Picture

From there, Fuller makes it clear that Peter played an important part in the emotional growth she's undergone in recent months:

“You showed me what kindness truly is. What patience means in a relationship,” she continued.

“You showed me the definition of a good thing. [And], you showed me that I can be loved unapologetically with all my flaws," she added.

"For that, I am forever grateful for you.”

Holding Victoria F.

Regardless of your feelings toward Victoria, if that was really her first healthy relationship, and she really learned that much from it, isn't that far more compelling and life-affirming than the scripted nonsense reality shows usually offer?

Look, hate is good for ratings, and obviously, Victoria's scenes were edited in such a way as to make her appear more villainous than she really was.

But clearly, what we witnessed was a real, complex emotional connection with all the ups and downs of a typical relationship.

So maybe now that her time on the show has come to an end, we can all go a little easier on Victoria, mmm-kay?

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