Madison Prewett: I Didn't DUMP Peter Weber! We Never Actually Dated!

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The way everyone is piling on Pilot Pete these days, we almost feel bad for the guy.

In fact, we might be able to muster some genuine sympathy if it weren't for the fact that he toyed with two women's emotions on national TV and generally wasted everybody's time.

Pete Weber and Madison Prewett

Now that the dust has settled and the NDAs have expired, the ladies of Peter's season have been eagerly offering up their side of the story.

First, Madison relayed her account of where her relationship with Peter went wrong.

Shortly thereafter, Hannah Ann Sluss revealed that Peter is a bad kisser and generally a pretty lame dude.

Now, anonymous insiders who had a frontrow seat for the sh-tshow are tossing out their hot takes.

Peter and Madison On Facebook

And one of them claims Prewett has been generous in saying that her relationship with Weber was short-lived.

The source says Madison is trying to help Peter save face, as their relationship didn't crash and burn -- because it never got even got off the runway.

“Peter is single,” the insider tells People magazine.

“He’s taking some time to figure out what he wants to do next.”

Peter and Madison... Forever?

Asked about the details of Peter and Madison's breakup, the source says there was no need for anyone to dump anyone, as the two of them were never actually a couple.

“They were never really back together,” says the insider.

“They just realized they couldn’t make it work.”

“Madison is very saddened by everything that’s transpired,” says a second source.

Madison Prewett After the Finale

“She cares for Peter and wanted to work through their challenges. But it just got too difficult and seemed like everything was against them.”

Now, there are two schools of thought regarding this development.

Some blame Barbara Weber, Peter's meddlesome mother, for casting doubt on the relationship at the outset with her comments during the After the Final Rose ceremony.

Others say this situation is proof that Babs was right, and Peter and Madi really weren't a great fit for one another.

Madison and Peter Down Under

As is generally the case with heated arguments, the truth can probably be found somewhere in between the two extremes.

Obviously, Barbara knows her son, and she may have been right when she said his hard-partying lifestyle would never mesh with Madison's evangelical beliefs.

That said, she probably didn't help their chances of making it as a couple when she predicted their demise on national TV.

Whatever the case, it seems Madison has no beef with Babs.

Madison and Peter in Love

In fact, the insider tells People that she “feels badly if she ever unintentionally hurt the Weber family."

The source adds,  "Madi is trying to stay positive.”

Well, that should be a lot easier now that Peter is out of her life!

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