Leah Messer Reveals History of Sexual and Physical Abuse in Heartbreaking Memoir

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Leah Messer has gotten very candid about something very personal.

And, sadly for the Teen Mom 2 star, something very upsetting.

Leah Messer on Phone

During an Instagram Q&A late last week, Messer promoted her upcoming memoir ("Hope, Grace & Faith") by delving into how she was abused as a child.

And, not surprisingly, how that impacts her to this very day.

Leah explained in this chat how the “decisions” she's made throughout her life - some of which has generated a great deal of backlash - will “make sense” to fans once they read the book.

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“They’ll understand the childhood drama and co-dependency in relationships," Messer told viewers, adding:

"Everything I endured in my childhood from sexual abuse to physical abuse was probably the hardest thing."

Messer is the mother of twin girls Aleeah and Aliannah, 10

The latter was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy in 2014, just a year after half-sister Adalynn was born.

Leah Messer Drives

The MTV personality had the twins with her first husband Corey Simms and Adalynn with Jeremy Calvert.

Leah and Jeremy are also divorced now, yet the constant subject of rumors of a romantic reconciliation.

Messer's Q&A, while jarring, did not mark first time Messger has opened up about her childhood abuse.

It also does not name the perpetrator(s).

Leah Messer and Daughters on Halloween

During the Instagram Q&A session, though, Leah spoke at length about her biological father and his issues.

“With the opioid epidemic we are facing today, my dad always ties into that," she said.

"I started doing my own research on when my dad started struggling with addiction and why he struggled with addiction."

And what did she discover?

The Messer

“Come to find out in between 1995 and 1997 they started prescribing oxycodone," Messer explained to fans.

"It was a highly addictive drug they swore wasn’t an addictive drug."

"My father broke his neck and back working on bridges in West Virginia."

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"From there he went to some doctor for worker’s comp," she continued. "That’s how my dad became addicted to the medication and still is to this day.”

Gary Lee Miller was arrested in 2011 for possessing painkillers that were not prescribed to him.

In August of 2017, Leah revealed on social media that her dad had reached out to her for the first time in a long time.

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Leah is no stranger to battling some of these same problems herself.

As fans know, Messer herself has struggled with substance abuse.

Ex-husband Corey accused her of drug use when she was caught on camera slurring her words and falling asleep mid-sentence in various scenes filmed for Teen Mom 2.

She checked into rehab in June of 2015, although she denied drug abuse rumors at the time.

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As for how the 27-year-old plans to help others such as her dad face the issues that cripple them?

Messer revealed she is helping to “provide treatment facilities in West Virginia," adding:

"Whatever I have to do to do that, I will do. I’ve been there. I went through it. I’ve done it."

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The reality star also said on Instagram the adversity she faced as a child has helped her “thrive” now.

“I’m giving my daughters the life I always wish I had," she concluded.

Messer's book will be available to purchase on May 5. Will you read it?

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