Shannon Family: Lock Up Mama June! We Don't Want Her!

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Although June Shannon and Geno Doak claim that they're getting sober and working on their well-being, they're still being spotted at casinos.

Now, her daughter Lauryn is being honest: she thinks that Mama June won't get her act straight until she goes to jail.

Pumpkin Shannon Explains Her Mom's Madness

Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon and her aunt both spoke to TooFab about recent sightings of her mother, June.

June and Geno have been spotted wandering around casinos, seemingly ignoring common sense during this global pandemic.

"I didn't see the pictures," Lauryn admits, "but this isn't the first casino she's been spotted at."

"Of course, it does frustrate me," she adds, "because a year ago she was in the same exact situation, just in a different state."

June Shannon Shares a Recent Pic

June is currently in Florida. Lauryn is referring to last year, when June was doing much the same thing in Georgia.

Lauryn recounts: "where you were playing the casinos, getting caught on TMZ and then, boom, you get arrested for crack."

"That's why it irritates me," she explains.

Lauryn feels irritated "because this is where it all started out, at a casino."

Lauryn Shannon and Ella in a Promo

"I've always said that when their time [comes] to get their consequences," Lauryn says, "I do hope that maybe it is jail time."

"The reason I feel like that," she reasons, "is because my mom has lived so much of her life being Mama June."

"And being that celebrity who doesn't really see consequences," Lauryn points out, "and she needs to see that."

"I feel like that would really get her life straightened out," she says. "She actually would have nobody."

Lauryn Shannon and Doe Doe Shannon

Lauryn's aunt, June's sister Joanne "Doe Doe" Shannon, chimes in.

"And she would be separated from Geno," she happily states.

"And, as a family, we all agree to this that this is where it needs to go," Doe Doe reveals.

"If that happens," she predicts, "it may actually be a good thing."

Mama June and Her Family, Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta Premiere

Lauryn is the first to admit that she cannot quite remember the last time that she saw her mother, face-to-face.

She does say that she has been "in touch with her" in one way or another.

"I did, a few months back, step away from my mom," Lauryn reveals, "and I told her that."

"It's very complicated," she expresses in lieu of details.

Doe Doe Shannon

Doe Doe says that Lauryn is not alone, and that it has been "months since I physically saw her."

"Her daughters need her, Alana needs her," she expresses.

"She's 14, she's in high school," Doe Doe points out.

She adds: "She needs her mom."

Alana T

"Lauryn is amazing with what she's doing," Doe Doe says, "but Lauryn isn't her mom. It's a different mindset."

"For [June] to be all of a sudden absent is like, what are you doing June?" she asks.

"Get your butt home," Doe Doe demands, "get healthy, get sober and get back to your kids and your grandkids."

"We love you," she affirms, "and we want you back."

Lauryn Shannon on Insta

Lauryn agrees that even giving her sister a safe and stable home may not be enough for her emotional well-being.

"She's living with me," she says, "she's like my kid without a mom"

She also refers to the incident in which Alana Thompson mimed snorting cocaine on Instagram Live.

"That's something you'll see in this season and we talked to Alana about it," Lauryn says. "That affects her career,"

Alana Thompson Begs June Shannon to Come Home

Alana's impulsive act was clearly a cry for help as she tries to process her mother's behavior.

The family resolved to deal with that with professional help from Marriage Boot Camp expert, Dr. Ish.

"When this stuff does happen you don't know where to go, what else you can physically do," Lauryn shares.

"So it's always good to bring someone who is paid to do that," she reasons, "an expert who knows how to talk, how to get Alana to talk."

Bear of Sugar

Disturbingly, as we saw in the season's trailer, Alana's awful dad Sugar Bear attempts to wrangle custody away from Lauryn during the crisis.

"I would just prefer not to comment," Lauryn says in regard to that, "because what I was gonna comment would not be nice."

"There is something that throughout this season that we weren't necessarily super excited to film for, you know?" she teases.

"We all talked through it," Lauryn says, "and we're very close with our crew."

June Shannon RETURNS to Instagram

"Our crew is our family," she affirms. "One of the people who's been with us on the crew has been with us 8 years."

She characterizes: "They're all like, we don't want to do this neither."

"The people in our crew, we care about them, they care about us," Lauryn says.

"It's an emotional roller coaster not only for the family, but our crew too," she shares.

Jennifer Lamb and June Shannon

We have all seen that, as a producer shared this photo shortly after June began to spiral out of control.

"You'll see times when we're all upset and crying," Doe Doe tells fans.

"What you don't see behind the camera, our crew's back there in tears too," she says. "They're living this with us."

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