Juan Pablo to Clare Crawley: Good Luck Finding a Guy Who Will Put Up With Your BS!

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Juan Pablo Galavis is almost universally regarded as the worst Bachelor in history. Now, his ex will be the Bachelorette.

But the infamous Bachelor villain is insisting that Clare Crawley will understand him better once she's in his shoes ... 

Juan Pablo Galavis and Clare Crawley

Juan Pablo has opened up to Life & Style about Clare upcoming season of The Bachelorette-

"Roles are reversed now," he points out.

"And," Juan Pablo adds, "she will understand how hard it is to decide between the last three."

"Who knows?" he asks. "She might see things from my perspective for once."

Juan Pablo Galavis Image

When Juan Pablo abruptly ditched Clare at the end of his season, she told him that she had lost all respect for him.

Despite their very famous falling out, he claims that he is "happy" that she will be getting her own season.

"She has been looking for love for some time," Juan Pablo points out.

"And," he remarks, "she totally deserves it."

Clare Crawley and Juan Pablo

"She has been a part of the franchise shows for years," Juan Pablo notes.

Clare has appeared on Bachelor in Paradise and, most recently, on The Bachelor: Winter Games in 2018.

"And now," he continues, "she has the chance to pick who can potentially be the love of her life.”

“Not an easy task," he opines, "but a great opportunity for her."

Eeeees Okay

Clare's casting caused a bit of a stir, with some arguing that she had already had multiple chances for love.

"It’s worked in the past with many success stories of the show,” Juan Pablo remarks.

“She just has to follow her heart, do what she believes is best for her future, be real," he advises.

"And," Juan Pablo adds, "not let the show pressure her into making the wrong decision."

Clare Crawley Smiling Photo

"I never had any bad blood with her,” Juan Pablo claims. “I did what I had to do, which was pick who I felt was The One."

"The experience taught me a lot, even after, to be honest," he admits.

"But my intention was never to hurt Clare," he says, "or any other contestant."

"The show puts you in tough spots," Juan Pablo says, "so I can ultimately understand how she must have felt."

Juan Pablo Galavis with Nikki Ferrell Pic

Even so, Juan Pablo admits that he sometimes he entertains the thought of what might have been.

"Every once in a while," he shares, "I think of what could have been if I chose her instead of Nikki, but that’s life."

We have to wonder how many times in the past half a decade this has skittered through his thoughts.

"You put your heart out there hoping to find ‘The One’ and the reality is sometimes it just doesn’t work out and people get hurt," he expresses.

Clare Crawley Bikini Photo

Juan Pablo also reveals that he expects that he will watch her season when it airs.

"I would love to see her finding happiness after all and seeing the entire process," he says.

Juan Pablo claims: "My hope is, again, that she finds what she has been looking for a long time."

Clare's season is bound to be a little odd, given the pandemic, but we'll all be fascinated once it begins to take shape ... whenever that is.

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