Jana Duggar: Has She Been Outed as the Family Snitch?

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For Jana Duggar, the jig may be up.

While her family is out there trying to bring a suffering nation together, this single 30-year old may be holed up inside her parents' home, doing all she can to tear her loved ones apart.

Jana Duggar Outside

Allow us to explain...

As mentioned above, Jana is 30 years old.

She's the oldest Duggar child still living under the same roof as parents Jim Bob and Michelle, who won't let their kids move out until they're married.

For this reason, Jana strictly abides by her mother and father's strict rules; she rarely wears pants, for example.

Contrast Jana's behavior with that of sister Jill, as another example, who has pierced her nose and who has been known to speak out on occasion against her controlling dad.

Jana and Jim Bob Duggar

As a multitude of fans have also pointed out, Josiah often dons brighter colors than his parents would prefer, while several Duggars are believed to even use some form of birth control, which is, like, the worst thing you can do as a child in this family.

The point being?

Nearly every Duggar siblings has rebelled in some way, shape or form.

All except Jana.

And some observers now have a theory why.

Jana Duggar Instagram Picture

Over the last several days, critics and curious users on Reddit have talked about why Jana so frequently runs to her mom and dad when a brother or sister does something "out of line."

Wrote one person:

"Isn't she the one who was . . . in charge of the Internet password? Total snitch, no way would [Jim Bob] and Michelle hand over access . . . if they didn't completely trust her."


Jana Duggar and Brothers

That's what this individual, and others, are getting at here.

"I've been suspicious of her ever since I heard she stopped one of the toddler boys from dancing, a perfectly innocent child dancing," another Reddit user wrote on this platform.

For those unaware, this user is referencing a clip from 19 Kids and Counting ... in which a child was dancing to a toy that played music.

Jana actually came out at the time and explained that dancing is NOT something the family partakes in.

Jana Duggar and JD

Is this sufficient evidence to prove that Jana has been tasked by her parents to snitch on her loved ones any time they misbehave?

Not exactly.

But why does she remain single? Why won't she commit to rumored courter Lawson Bates?

These are worthwhile questions to ask, especially if an in-depth analysis concludes that she's being prevented from doing so by a cruel father who will go to any underhanded length to keep his kids at bay.

We're just sayin.

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