Hayden Panettiere: Afraid to Leave Her Abusive Boyfriend?

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On Valentine's Day of this year, Hayden Panettiere's boyfriend Brian Hickerson was arrested on domestic assault charges after police responded to a noise complaint at the couple's home.

It was the third time that Hickerson had been arrested for attacking Panettiere.

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Much to the chagrin of her loved ones, Hayden has decided to remain in a relationship with Hickerson.

Not only that, Panettiere refused to testify in Hickerson's most recent trial, which led to an acquittal due to lack of material witnesses.

Now there are fears that she'll do the same if his current case goes to trial.

And according to a new report from Star magazine, Hayden's loved ones are concerned that she's being controlled by her abusive boyfriend.

Brian Hickerson Mugshot

An insider tells the tabloid that Hayden's family fears these violent incidents will continue to take place as long as the actress is trapped in substance-fueled co-dependent relationship.

“There was booze involved, and with these two, it doesn’t take much for things to explode,” the source says of this latest altercation.

“Truth is, they were back together in no time, and she was telling everyone it was no big deal.”

The source says Hayden has developed a drinking problem during her relationship with Hickerson.

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The situation has become so dire that Panettiere recently lost custody of her daughter, who now lives with her father, boxer Wladimir Klitschko in Ukraine.

While they haven't been together for several years, Klitschko is said to be deeply concerned for the mother of his daughter.

“Wlad has been checking up on Hayden daily," says Star's insider.

"He’s never liked Brian and thinks he’s controlling her.”

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Hayden's loved ones are said to be planning an intervention, in which they'll implore the former Nashville star to part ways with both Brian and the bottle.

“Even if she drops the charges against him like she’s done in the past, her family and friends are begging her to get as far away from him as possible," says the source.

"Everyone is praying this will be the last straw and that Hayden will finally dump him for good.”

Here's hoping the intervention is a success.

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