Hannah Ann Sluss BLASTS Peter Weber: How Can I Trust Any Man Now?!

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If you watched Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor, you know that things didn't end particularly well for Hannah Ann Sluss.

Actually, that's a bit of an understatement.

Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Engaged

Things didn't end well for the 28 women that Peter dumped during his time as the giver of roses.

Things didn't end well for Madison Prewett, who should've stuck with her initial instincts and cut ties with Peter before he a had a chance to run her through the emotional wringer a few more times.

As for Hannah Ann ... well, she accepted Peter's proposal on national television, just to watch the indecisive pilot undergo a change of heart a few weeks later.

So while things may have gone poorly for her fellow contestants, Hannah suffered a far worse fate.

Hannah Ann and Peter Weber

Some might go so far as to say she underwent televised trauma.

Suffice it to say, Hannah Ann is not a very big fan of Pilot Pete these days, and she's not holding back in her comments about her ex-fiancee.

Previously, Hannah Ann said she hated being engaged to Peter and confirmed what many viewers suspected -- that some of the women in this year's cast wound up resenting Weber for wasting their time with his spineless flip-flopping.

Anyway, Hannah Ann is still not thrilled about the way she got the run-around from Peter.

Hannah Ann Sluss on Ellen

But her latest comments on the subject are considerably more subtle than what she's said in the past:

“Trusting can be really difficult but without it, connectivity and relationships suffer," Sluss wrote on Instagram this week.

"For those who have freely trusted and been let down, I feel you. It takes guts to trust once again, to rebuild the courage to be vulnerable and transparent.”

Yes, Hannah has decided to turn her negative into a positive by offering advice to other people who are enduring difficult times.

Sluss, Hannah

And since that describes just about everyone in the world these days, it's a very helpful service.

Her latest remarks echo comments she made on Instagram shortly after her harrowing season as a reality star came to an end:

"Allowing yourself to love someone is a vulnerable place to be, but I am thankful that I gave myself a chance in finding love regardless of the outcome," Hannah wrote.

"I encourage anyone looking for love to always stay true to you. Don’t accept anything less than 100% of someone’s heart—YOU DESERVE IT!"

Hannah Ann Sluss Talks

The debate over whether or not Peter Weber is the worst Bachelor in the show's history will likely continue to rage for years.

But no one is denying that the show made a star out of the woman who earned his final rose.

It sucks that Hannah Ann won't get to be the Bachelorette this season, but her future remains bright.

Something tells us this isn't the last you'll hear from Ms. Sluss.

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