Dalton Gomez: Ariana Grande's Quarantine Boyfriend Identified!

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Basically the entire world is under quarantine these days, and if you're lucky, you're not social-distancing alone.

Yeah, your partner might be getting on your nerves, but it sure beats cooking Ramen for one and trying to explain sarcasm to your cat.

Ariana Grande in 2018

Anyway, lots of celebs have been posting videos from the mansions where they're riding this thing out, and for the most they're pretty unremarkable.

But apparently, Ariana Grande is keeping her fans entertained by hiding Easter eggs in her communiques from the luxury bunker.

Eagle-eyed Instagram followers have noticed that a mystery man keeps popping up in Ariana's IG Stories.

We never see his face, but at one point, we got a glimpse of dude's tattoos as he pet Ari's dog, Toulouse.

Dalton Gomez 2

Thanks to that tidbit of information, Grande's quarantine partner has now been identified as Dalton Gomez.

Apparently he's a big shot in LA real estate who previously dated Miley Cyrus.

It's unlikely that the situation will lead to any bad blood, as the relationship between Miley and Dalton was very short-lived.

β€œ[Ariana and Mikey] were just enjoying their chemistry,” a source told Hollywood Life after the pair parted ways.

Dalton Gomez

β€œIt ended up not being what they had thought would happen, and they are totally cool with it.”

No word on whether or not Ariana and Dalton are serious or just keeping it casual, but we know the relationship is very new.

Earlier this year, Ariana was dating Mikey Foster, singer of the band Social House.

Last month, she was spotted making out with a mystery man, who is now believed to have been Dalton.


Quarantining together this early in a relationship is a risky move, but if there was ever a time for bold and decisive action, this is it.

(Provided, of course, that said bold and decisive action doesn't require you to leave your house.)

And hey, even if it turns out bunkering down together was a bad idea, it certainly wouldn't be the worst mistake that Ariana ever made.

This woman dated Pete Davidson, after all.

Just kidding, Pete!

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