Anna Duggar Gets Deposed in Evil Husband's Real Estate Lawsuit

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This is an evergreen sentence, but it must be wriitten again:

Poor Anna Duggar.

Anna Duggar on TLC

The long-suffering wife of Josh Duggar has been forced to remain by her awful husband's side throughout numerous personal ordeals that have placed a strain on her sanity and her marriage.

And now? 

As confirmed by multiple outlets?

She had to also remain by Josh's side throughout an ongoing legal ordeal.

Which is sort of just beginning.

Josh and Anna Duggar Family Photo

As you may have read about recently, Josh Duggar's company has been sued.

About a year ago, in April of 2019, a man named Carl Echols claimed his cousin sold him a five-acre property in 2006 in Arkansas for $17,500.

A decade later, he has alleged that Josh purchased the same property (behind Carl's back) for a mere $1,000.

Echols has written in court documents that he's been paying taxes on the property in question for nearly 10 years.

He has therefore sued Duggar's company for quiet title, accusing his cousin of fraud and breach of contract.

Anna Duggar and Some Family

It's a confusing situation, but it boils down to Josh Duggar once again maybe doing something unseemly.

Which really shouldn't come as a surprise at this point, but still. Here we are.

Arkansas court papers, meanwhile, now reveal that Anna was deposed on Wednesday, March 25, meaning she had to talk to lawyers on official record about all she knows in regard to her husband's alleged actions.

We can't say for certain right now exactly to what Anna testified.

Anna Duggar court

To be clear, Josh has been dropped as a defendant from the case, although his company, ALB Investments, LLC, is still being sued.

The actual case is scheduled to begin in April, at which time we'll know more about Josh's supposed role in this scheme and whether he'll be held liable in anyway.

We'll also know then whether Anna will be called to testify as a witness.

Also to be clear: Duggar was at the center of another potential scandal involving his car dealership in Arkansas last year.

Josh Duggar at Church

Homeland Security agents actually searched his business as part of an ongoing federal investigation, but details of the raid and what was being investigated have yet to be released.

It remains another black mark on Josh's record, however.

At this point, it's almost impossible to keep track of all this guy has done and/or been accused of doing.

A Family of 8

In May of 2015, Josh confessed to molesting five minor females in his parents' home as a teenager between 2002 and 2003; two of them were sisters Jill and Jessa.

Just a few months later, Josh confessed to being a client of the website Ashley Madison, admitting to cheating on his wife on multiple occasions and begging for forgiveness.

He then checked into a Christian rehab center and the couple went to marriage counseling.

In November, Anna Duggar gave birth to her and Josh's sixth child.

Anna Duggar is Stuck with Josh

“It was definitely a hard thing and it is such a betrayal for a spouse to go through what we’re rocking through," Anna said in 2015, adding of her husband and evreything surrounding him:

"It was hard to realize it was such a public thing...

"That loyalty was broken. How could this happen in our marriage? Josh was my first love. He’s my one and only. My only hope was to cling to my faith."

That may sound sweet or inspiring to some, but Josh is also a one and only kind of dirtbag. Let's all never forget that.

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