Amanda Bynes Forced Into Psychiatric Facility After Engagement Implosion, Secret Court Hearing

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Over the weekend, Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael ended their engagement only three weeks after announcing it.

Now, she has reportedly been ordered into a live-in rehab facility. 

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According to celeb gossip site The Blast, the 33-year-old actress was the subject of a secret court hearing on Thursday, March 5.

Both of her parents were invited.

They have been acting as her conservators since her infamous breakdown in 2014, and control almost every aspect of her life.

Paul Michael, at the time her fiance, was also invited.

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The idea behind the conservatorship is that Amanda's mental health challenges and erstwhile drug addiction made it necessary.

On Thursday, the issue was reportedly that they were adamantly opposed to allowing her to marry Paul.

But it sounds like there was more on the table, according to this report.

Amanda, who announced earlier this year that she had been sober for one year, agreed to enter a rehab facility.

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The report says that Amanda agreed to enter the live-in rehab facility over the weekend.

However, when the time came to check in, she did not.

She is allegedly refusing to cooperate with the order.

It is unclear what the next step that the family will take may be, but ... this could become ugly.

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Amanda's agreement to enter the rehab facility may have originated from an abundance of caution.

It does not necessarily indicate that she was using again or even that her parents suspect that she may be back on drugs.

Instead, they may have worried that her obvious disappointment last week could cause her mental health to spiral.

Being a 33-year-old woman and being told that you can't make simple, personal choices can do that to anyone.

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That said, Amanda's substance abuse issues are no joke, and one year of sobriety does not make her immune to a relapse.

Add to that her mental health struggles, and one can understand her precarious position.

We of course do not know if Amanda's reported refusal to check herself in is the result of an actual relapse in any way, shape, or form.

Sure, it could mean that she's fallen off of the wagon. Or it may be that she just wants to live her life.

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael

Amanda surprised the world on Valentine's Day when she introduced them to her fiance, Paul Michael.

Such a short time after celebrating her first year of sobriety, many felt that things were looking up for Amanda.

Others feared that she was making a rash decision, impulsively getting engaged to a rando, and losing her grip.

It sounds like her parents were in the latter category.

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Conservatorships are controversial for good reason, as they allow court-ordered management of the lives of grown adults.

That said, sometimes they are all that stands between an unwell person and self-destruction. Where do we draw the line?

Some would suggest that the best thing to do would be to remove parents and other family members from the equation.

If a conservatorship is needed, a lot of people would feel a lot easier if people's controversial parents were not holding the reins.

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