Amanda Bynes & Paul Michael: It's Over! After Three-Week Engagement!

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On Valentine's Day, Amanda Bynes announced her engagement to a man whom she had met in rehab.

In a shocking twist, just weeks later, the two of them have broken up.

Amanda Bynes and Fiance

Just three weeks after announcing her engagement to Paul Michael, Amanda Bynes abruptly purged every photo of him from her Instagram.

She also disabled comments, a tell-tale sign that she does not want to answer any fan questions -- or worse, hear their opinions.

Instagram purges are a common way for stars to signal a breakup without an official announcement.

But yes, there was also an official announcement, though it did not come directly from Amanda.

Amanda Bynes Face Tattoo

On Sunday, March 8, Paul Michael spoke to In Touch Weekly and confirmed the split.

"We did,” he shared, referring to the breakup.

“I love her though," Paul then added.

He characterized: "She’s my best friend."

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael

A best friend ... with whom he no longer appears in any photos.

Paul may be putting a positive spin on this, but insiders tell Us Weekly that aspects of this breakup were out of their hands.

"Amanda is really upset about it," a source reveals.

"And," the insider continues, the former Nickelodeon star is "not taking it well at all."

Amanda Bynes joins Instagram

Apparently, the reality of Amanda's conservatorship created a real barrier for the engagement.

"Paul realized the relationship just couldn’t go forward," the source explains.

The insider adds that this is "because of the obstacles of the conservatorship."

"And," the source reminds, "Amanda must live at a sober living facility."

Amanda Bynes for Paper

Amanda has been under a conservatorship since 2014, after she spent years very publicly melting down as her mental health deteriorated.

"Her mother has responsibility over her daughter’s decision-making," the report says.

Apparently, this control is extensive, "including whether or not to allow her to marry."

Conservatorships are controversial for good reason, and many fans feel that they go on for too long and that they are awarded to the wrong people.

Amanda Bynes Smells Flowers

"Engaged to tha love of my life," Amanda announced in February.

Hours later, she shared her first selfie with Paul.

There, she referred to him as her "lover."

As sudden as the engagement news felt to many fans, excitement mostly outweighed concerns. People want to see her happy.

Amanda Bynes New Haircut

Amanda Bynes was a child star who rose to fame on All That and then on her very own Nickelodeon show, The Amanda Show.

Even those who didn't grow up watching her on TV saw her in film, such as She's The Man.

Unfortunately, through both entertainment news media and social media, her mental health deterioration was readily apparent.

Though she did mean it, she has admitted that her desire for Drake to "murder her vagina" was only tweeted because of her mental state at the time.

Amanda Bynes on the Loose in LA

(Sadly, she was probably already too old for Drake by the time that she joined Twitter)

These days, she has really turned her life around through a lot of help and hard work.

Amanda has been sober for over a year.

We hope that she is soon in a place where the obstacles that keep her from finding happiness are no longer there. She deserves a good life.

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