Raiven Adams Accuses Bear Brown of Domestic Abuse, Gun Threats

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Raiven Adams is pregnant with Bear Brown's baby and due in a little over a month. She also has a restraining order against Bear.

Now, court records reveal exactly what alarming, abusive behaviors she accuses Bear of inflicting. This is extremely upsetting.

Raiven Adams is Very Pregnant

The Blast got a hold of Raiven Adams' legal filings for the protective order against ex-fiance and baby daddy Solomon "Bear" Brown.

"Starting in August 2019, I moved to Loomis, Washington," Raiven writes in court documents.

"Shortly after dating Soloman," she shares, "I realized his behavior was abusive."

Raiven adds: "I reached out to my mom and I started to talk about what was going on."

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams Are Engaged

"While dating," Raiven writes, "I would bring up his erratic behavior."

She lists examples such as "yelling, slammng things, preventing me from leaving rooms."

"I was told multiple times," Raiven recalls, "if I didn't follow what he wanted me to do/say/act, he would have Discovery bury me"

He allegedly threatened her with "lawsuits if I spoke about his behavior."

Bear Brown Kisses Raiven Adams

Raiven then alleges: "He disclosed his behavior was from cocaine."

"When expressing concerns of his drug use," she continues, "he would threaten to kick me out."

Bear would also allegedly "withhold food/money" or threaten to do so in retaliation.

"He would punish me by verbally abusing me," Raiven concludes that segment of the document, "or threatening to kick me out."

Bear Brown with Raiven Adams

Where the document asks her to check a box as to whether there was a weapon involved in the described abuse, she checks "YES."

"He would use it as intimidation," Raiven writes of Bear's alleged use of a gun during her abuse.

She adds that he would also "tell me gun laws don't apply to him."

Raiven also describes Bear as someone who "pulls out his gun" and "goes to shoot when he is agitated."

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams

In additional court documents, Raiven wrote that Bear repeatedly threatened to "try to take our son from me" if she was not cooperative.

Even worse, she wrote of not one but two propane leaks that, in context, have extremely scary implications.

"I fell asleep on two occasions shortly before separating permanently," Raiven shares.

"Both times I woke up to propane left on in our trailer," she writes. "When I expressed my concerns, he laughed as if was a joke."

Raiven Adams and Bear Brown

It sounds like Raiven got away from a nightmare, and was afraid to even speak out for fear of retaliation.

She still has not spoken out -- we only know this because of snooping through court records to find what she revealed.

Bear would not be the first member of the family to struggle with addiction -- and cocaine would explain, but not excuse, some of his alleged behavior.

And if you've ever sat down and done the math on Bill and Ami's age gap, you realize that they met when she was a teen and he was much, much older.

Raiven Adams, Bear Brown, Rain Brown

Abuse can happen in any relationship, no matter how outwardly nice or goofy or harmless someone appears to be to their family or to their fans.

The implications behind the two alleged propane incidents ... the absolute best-case scenario is that the home was accidentally unsafe to inhabit.

Even if it truly was merely the result of incompetence and not homicidal intent, Bear's alleged attitude is deeply disturbing.

We hope that Raiven -- and her son-to-be -- are and remain safe.

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