Mike Caussin Admits to Betraying Jana Kramer, "Constant Lies"

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2019 did not end on a good note for Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin. Jana's posts seemed to indicate that Mike cheated again.

Mike suffers from alleged "sex addiction." Now, he's confessing to crossing marital "boundaries" in a way that betrayed Jana's trust.

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer Looking Tense

It took a few days after Jana's vague posts that appeared to accuse Mike of infidelity for her to appear to change her tune.

For a while, his name was dropped from their podcast ... and Jana had also dropped "wife" from her Instagram bio.

On Monday, February 3, they made their first Whine Down podcast appearance since those troubles.

There, they both took to the air to shed some light on what went down and how they're moving forward.

Jana Kramer Embraces Mike Caussin

"Even if I’m not relapsing or acting out or stepping outside of our marriage," Mike Caussin says.

He reasons: "If I’m still breaking boundaries or not being honest with things like the picture stuff, how is that sober?"

"How is that living with integrity?" Mike asks again, before answering: "It’s not."

In the context of alleged "sex addiction," sobriety refers to avoiding anything that could be considered extramarital, from porn to actual cheating.

Happy Anniversary to Mike and Jana!

So what happened? Did Mike fall off of the monogamy wagon and directly into a hot tub orgy?

"He didn’t physically cheat on me,” Jana clarifies.

“There was a boundary that was broken that was harmful for me because it was a discovery. …" she explains.

Jana details: "It was such a big discovery with a boundary that was harmful to me and our relationship."

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer in 2015

It sounds like part of the reason that they opted to do this podcast here and now is to clear the air when it comes to rumors.

Mike wants people to know that, first and foremost, he was not "acting out” in any deliberate manner.

Furthermore, he says that he's not doing any of “the real, major, big things that everyone assumes is an issue."

So no, he didn't bone any non-Jana individuals. So ... how are things now?

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer Together

Both Mike and Jana assure their fans and listeners that they are in a "great space."

However, Jana does get a little emotional when it comes to admitting that January was a "heavy month."

"The heaviness isn’t …” she says, before her voice visibly breaks. “It’s a gratefulness that we can still be here conversing."

"It’s also that fear too," Jana confesses.

Jana Kramer and Mike

"That’s been the hardest part of this month," Jana expresses.

She acknowledges: "We’ve both individually done a lot of work …"

"I do feel hopeful for the tools that we’ve been learning," Jana emphasizes.

"But," she admits, "it’s also very scary."

Mike Caussin Kisses Jana Kramer ACM Awards 2016

We get a little bit more information when Jana straight-up confronts Mike.

"Because of the constant lies," she asks, "can you see how it might be hard to lean into you and trust your word?"

Mike replies: "Absolutely."

During the podcast, he also confesses that he had been more or less going through the motions at his meetings.

Jana Kramer Mike Caussin Infant Daughter LakeShake Country Music Festival

“First of all," Mike tells his wife, "I appreciate your vulnerability."

"I hear you and I see you right now," he emphasizes. "I feel your pain."

"I can’t imagine how hard it is to lean into somebody whose hurt you so much," Mike admits.

He adds: "That is terrifying."

Jana Kramer Alone in 2019

Jana, for her part, explains that the public side of this happens because, when Mike lies to her, she "starts to feel insane."

She says that catching Mike in a lie puts her in a mood where she "starts taking pictures off Instagram."

"I’m tailspinning,” Jana characterizes. “I feel like — and I know I’m not the only woman out there whose done that."

"But it becomes so out of control," she admits.

Jana and Mike Celebrate 4 years of Marriage!

"I’m already at my limit with discoveries and lies that I hit it. I pressed the button. I said, ‘F—k it,'" Jana explains.

"This is where I’m unraveling," she says. "It becomes this run-on."

While sex addiction may not be recognized by the psychological community, it seems clear that some individuals like Mike experience powerful compulsions.

Here's to hoping, for the sake of their marriage, that Mike can better keep those impulses under control.

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