Grey's Anatomy Recap: A Worrying Revelation About Alex!

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There were more fireworks than ever on Thursday's Grey's Anatomy.

There were baby bombshells, family drama, and a shocking revelation about Alex Karev.

We'll start with Alex because he just disappeared off-screen without so much as a goodbye.

Bailey and Jo on Grey's

His wife, Jo, got in the middle of the baby drama that was rocking the hospital, with Jo lashing out at Amelia over her treatment of Link.

Jo was shouting at her co-worker but ultimately revealed that she was only lashing out because she had her own set of issues.

Yup, they were Alex related.

“Alex hasn’t been returning my calls,” she said.

“He says that he’s going through something, and he needs time.”

Amelia Drops a Bomb

Things took another turn when Bailey was upset about a foster kid who was in the ER by himself. Jo opened up to her boss about her own experience of being alone as a youngster.

“I was him, and Alex was him,” she said. “We turned out OK. It’s not hopeless, it’s just not easy.”

As if that wasn't enough of a gut punch, Jo returned home to an empty apartment, visibly upset about the way her relationship was going.

We know Alex is supposed to be helping out with his mother, but there could be something more at play here.

Maggie Helps

Meanwhile, Maggie, Richard, and Owen were headed back to Grey Sloan Memorial following Catherine's controversial decision to buy the hospital.

The trio had to be interviewed by Koracik. As expected, he tortured them a little.

“He’s lonely,” Amelia told Owen about Koracick lashing out. “He’s in pain.”  

The board of directors stepped in to threaten Koracick into being more chill and to hire everyone back.

“We’re a family. You have joined our family,” Bailey said. “You do not get to ruin this family with an iron fist.”

All of this drama transpired after the trio arrived at Pac North to learn that Catherine's wicked plan came to fruition.

Levi in the Wind - Grey's Anatomy

Elsewhere, Schmico hit another major snag in their relationship, with Nico telling Levi he needed to find his own place to live.

The reason? They were not at the cohabiting stage of their relationship. Given all they've gone through, that was a slap in the face.

Maybe these two are not meant to be together, after all.

As for the aforementioned baby drama, Amelia needed to chat with Link after the blowout with Jo.

She wanted to know what would happen if the baby was Owen's. Link was open and honest, admitting that he would feel threatened because of her prior relationship with Hunt.

Amelia is Mad on Grey's Anatomy

Thus, they are taking a wait and see approach to things.

What did you think of all the latest drama?

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Grey's Anatomy continues Thursdays on ABC.

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