Bear Brown Says Raiven Adams is Lying, INSISTS He Doesn't Do Cocaine

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This month, Raiven Adams was granted a restraining order against Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown.

She accused Bear of abuse, of making gun threats, and of using cocaine. For the first time, Bear has issued a public response.

Bear Brown Howls from the Heights

"What becomes of the brokenhearted," Bear Brown asks in an Instagram post, clearly seeking emotional support from fans.

One follower replies with a very blunt question: "Do you do cocaine?"

This would have been a great opportunity for Bear to star rehabilitating his brand.

A question like that can prompt someone to say I'm checking into rehab next month; the restraining order was a wakeup call and so on.

Bear Brown IG insists he doesn't do cocaine

Instead, Bear replied with a fierce denial.

"No! I don’t do drugs!!!!!!" Bear replied on Instagram, with precisely that many exclamation points.

Most would suggest that using that number of exclamation points for anything other than replying to a friend's cat photo is excessive.

But that's part of who Bear is, even if some fans are starting to wonder if Bear's "extreme" brand might be coke-fueled.

Bear Brown Looks Tidier than Usual

Bear was seemingly so intent on making this declaration that he made his own post about it.

He posted an unusually well-kempt selfie -- one in which he looks the most like Obi-Wan Kenobi in that photo that gets mistaken for a white Jesus.

"There’s something I would like to say!" Bear captions the photo.

Again with the exclamation points, he insists: "I DON’T DO DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Bear Brown Howls from the Heights

As you can imagine, the Instagram comments were absolutely flooded with reassurance, mostly from thirsty pickme fans.

(A pickme is someone, usually a woman, who will happily throw others under the proverbial bus to seem more desirable)

"We know that. The girl is not a Christian so she's not going to act it," one particularly awful comment declares.

The follower adds: "I'm sorry you found such a bad one for you."

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams Are Engaged

Raiven Adams was awarded a temporary restraining order against Bear Brown.

She is due to have their child in April, and asked the court to protec ther and her child-to-be from Bear.

She accuses him of subjecting her to vicious verbal abuse, to threatening to withhold things like food, and to threatening to have Discovery silence her.

Raiven describes Bear as having brandishd his firearm while making threats, and said that he revealed to her that his behavior was caused by cocaine.

Bear Brown with Raiven Adams

This scandal is, of course, be extremely bad for the reality star family's brand and public image.

The Browns have not been simple woods-dwelling frontiersmen for years. Fans have all seen their glamorous Beverly Hills mansion.

Despite the show's name, they currently reside on a sprawling property that they own in rural Washington.

Matt Brown's sobriety journey was about alcohol, not cocaine. He was also not accused of abusing anyone while under the influence.

Raiven Adams is Very Pregnant

Something that many people understandably do not realize when they date even a G-list celebrity is how the public will perceive them.

Raiven began dating, became engaged to, and became pregnant by the guy who's arguably the handsomest of the Brown family's sons.

A certain group of his fans then immediately hated her for "taking" him. They will fiercely support him throughout this process.

It seems clear that Raiven just wants to have her baby and be safe. We hope that everyone involved remains safe and healthy.

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