Snooki Claps Back at Haters: I'll Get as Much Plastic Surgery as I Want!

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Last month, fans were stunned by the news that Snooki has retired from Jersey Shore.

It's almost impossible to imagine the franchise without its meatball mascot, and fortunately we won't have to quite some time.

Snooki in Shock

It was announced this week that Shore will return to MTV in February, and Nicole Polizzi will still be a featured fist-pumper.

Snooks didn't reach her decision to hang it up until after the season finished filming.

Polizzi has offered several reasons for her retirement, citing the show's grueling filming schedule and the amount of time it requires her to spend away from her kids.

On her podcast, she revealed that Shore shoots three days in a row with only one day off in between, which means she's often required to binge on consecutive nights.

Snooki on Camera

Not surprisingly, Snooki is having difficulty maintaining such a herculean booze intake as she approaches her mid-30s.

But it seems the biggest factor in Polizzi's decision to step down was her recent interactions with the public.

Yes, the fans were once the most alluring aspect of fame for Snooki, but it seems that in recent months they've become a real pain.

This was most evident in the aftermath Snooki and JWoww's baffling decision to roast Angelina at her own wedding.

Snooki on Family Vacation

Nicole was rightfully criticized for that one.

But it's not the first time she received some flak from fans -- and it certainly wouldn't be the last.

Like most of her female co-stars, Snooki has slightly altered her appearance in the years since she entered the limelight.

It's a natural response to sudden fame and fortune, as there are more eyes on you than ever, and you now have the money to fix whatever it is you don't like about your face.

Snooki and Cubs

But Snooki's changes have been exceedingly minor -- which is why it's bizarre that some rando named Randy is obsessed with the work she's had done.

“Snooky, [sic] I used to be a fan until you got all that plastic surgery and changed your essence. Very poor decision making on your part,” Randy tweeted as Snooks, as pointed out by In Touch Weekly.

We're not even sure what it means to change one's "essence," but we're pretty sure that's not what Snoki has done.

Fortunately, Snooki handled the situation like a boss.

Snooki Tweet

“Calm down, Randy,” she reply-retweeted the guy.

Snooki's fans shared in her laughter and her assessment of Randy's ridiculousness.

"If they are saying they aren’t a fan anymore due to your looks, they were never a fan,” wrote one follower.

“OMFG. Yeah, Snooky [sic] — why did you change your essence? LMAO. TF outta [sic] here, Randy.” a second chimed in.

Snooki Drinks Wine While Breastfeeding

“Don’t worry Randy, I’m pretty sure she will prosper without you," added a third.

So maybe it's not the fans who have driven Snooki away from the show she helped make famous.

It's the fans like Randy.

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