Snooki: Angelina Pivarnick Still Hates Me For Ruining Her Wedding

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Back in November, Angelina Pivarnick married Chris Larangeira in a lavish ceremony in -- where else? -- New Jersey.

Unfortunately for Angelina, her big day wasn't exactly an occasion to remember.

Angelina Pivarnick Wedding Photo

Pivarnick invited her Jersey Shore castmates as well as an MTV camera crew to the festivities.

And that turned out to be a big, big mistake.

For reasons that defy explanation or understanding Pivarnick was roasted at her own wedding by women who claim to be her friends.

Nicole Polizzi, Jenni Farley, and Deena Nicole Cortese raised their glasses and proceeded to hurl insults at Angelina, much to the horror of her other guests.

Snooki in Shock

Witnesses say the ladies called Pivarnick "trash" and referred to her as "the town dump."

Angelina reportedly fled the room in tears and didn't return for over an hour.

It'll be several weeks before we see the incident play out on our TV screens (Jersey Shore returns to MTV on February 27), but needless to say, the whole scene was rather messy.

And not surprisingly, it seems that Angelina has yet to forgive her castmates.

Angelina Pivarnick on the Shore

This fact was revealed by Snooki herself in a new interview with Us Weekly.

"You’ll see on the show, you know, with the wedding and everything,” Nicole told the magazine.

“We apologized. Obviously we weren’t being malicious about it. It was just, you know, we were trying to be funny for the show and like, in general.” 

Hmm ... trying to be funny for the show is one thing.

Snooki on Camera

But calling somebody "the fly to your sh-t" on their wedding day? That's quite another.

The resulting backlash was severe, with fans of the show blasting Snooks and company for their behavior.

The public response seems to have played a role in Snooki's decision to retire from Jersey Shore, which she announced on her podcast in December.

For her part, Angelina has mostly kept mum on the situation, but she recently hinted that she has no plans to forgive and forget.

Angelina Pivarnick on Insta

“My thing is, I forgive too many people too quickly,” Pivarnick said. 

“I’m going to stop doing that. So for 2020, that’s also a new thing. I’m going to keep my circle way smaller, you know?" she added.

"I think right now, all I need is my husband and my family and his family. I like hanging out with my friends but there’s a lot that … you know, it’s hard. It’s hard.” 

Sounds like Angelina wasn't too heartbroken about Snooki's decision to retire from the Shore life.

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