Kate Gosselin: TLC FIRED Me for Exploiting My Children!

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For months, Jon Gosselin has complained that Kate has been exploiting her (remaining) kids against court orders.

Not only did a judge find Kate in contempt of court, but Kate revealed something staggering: TLC has fired her!

Kate Gosselin Looks Upset

As we previously reported, Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin were both present in court for a hearing on December 19.

Jon had taken Kate to court, accusing her of violating the court's order.

The children, Jon has long maintained, are adversely impacted by fame, and he has accused Kate of exploiting them for her own financial gain.

Kate had, Jon had claimed, previously been denied work permits for her four minor children, but chosen to film anyway.

Kate Gosselin Recoils in Horror

During court, it was confirmed that Kate was in violation of the court's decision. That's never a good place to be.

Kate was also required to pay Jon $1,500 for court costs. But that's not all.

RadarOnline reports that Kate admitted to having been fired from the network.

According to the insider: "Kate stated in court that TLC has terminated their relationship with her."

Kate Gosselin Doesn't Know What Fun Is

So far, TLC has yet to publicly comment on the topic to either confirm or deny it.

And Kate has only spoken publicly about this subject in court.

However, that means that the show where she uses her four remaining children for money and fame is likely no more.

Mercifully, it sounds like fans can also expect Kate Plus Date to be nothing more than a bad memory.

Kate Gosselin Promo Pic

The same source who reported on Kate's courtroom admission also opened up about some good, but unsurprising, news.

"The kids are doing great with school," the source announces.

That is good news. We hope that, with their underage reality careers behind them, the Gosselin kids can focus upon being themselves.

Of course, for the four minors still living under Kate's tyrannical roof, that may not be possible for another three years -- if not more.

Kate Plus Date Scene

Kate Gosselin has been a reality star and a household name for over a decade.

However, online estimates put her net worth at about $200,000, plus whatever she made from Kate Plus Date.

That may mean that she's worth a little over $1 million, or more.

However, consideirng that she was reportedly making six figures per episode of Kate Plus 8, it really makes people wonder where the money went.

Kate Gosselin on Her Gram

Of course, online estimates are just that -- estimates. Even more credible sources like Forbes can be disputed at times.

It is also believed that a portion of each episode's income went into accounts for the children, though we of course have not seen proof of this.

Jon has alluded to how Hannah and Collin walked away from a lot of money in order to escape the hellhole of living with Kate.

But it's sounding like Kate may have to radically change her lifestyle -- or find a new gig that pays a massive amount of money each year.

Graduation Time!

Fans fully expect Kate to indulge in her favorite pastime -- blaming Jon for everything.

The truth is that Jon has simply been advocating for his children, including the four minors who still live with Kate.

After hearing the firsthand accounts from Hannah and Collin about what their lives were like, he couldn't let it continue.

And court agreed that having the four minor children on camera was doing more harm than good.

Now that TLC has cut ties with her, will Kate look to another network to do a brand new show? It worked for June Shannon ... for a while.

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