June Shannon Says She's "Back on Track" in Glowing Selfie; Fam Not Buyin' It

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While Lauryn Shannon has looked after her little sister, Mama June Shannon has been pawning jewelry for quick cash. She's desperate.

June just posted a beautiful selfie, claiming that she's getting her life back on track. Her loved ones sadly have their doubts.

June Shannon Says She's Getting Better

Thursday evening, Mama June took to Instagram for her first new post since, well, June of 2019.

"Well decided to get back at it," June Shannon's hopeful caption begins.

"I'm not saying im.perfect," she emphasizes, "as everyday is a struggle."

"[And] some days i just want to disappear," June confesses, which would explain some of her recent behavior.

Mama June and Her Family, Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta Premiere

"[And] even though me [and my] kids [still aren't] seeing each other," June's caption continues.

She adds: "[And it's been] very hard on all of us."

"But I hope one day that will change," June expresses optimistically.

Her caption concludes: "as I want them to know I miss [and] love them very much."

June Shannon IG caption getting back at it 23 Jan 2020

On its surface, this post is powerfully heartwarming and very encouraging.

June has been on a downward spiral for at least a year.

With her heart in the clutches of Geno Doak, she was arrested for crack, and that was only part of her disturbing behavior.

Evidence that appears to indicate that she gets into violent fights with Geno has fans fearing for her safety and mental health.

Geno Doak with Mama

And then there is the way that she has been discarding her wealth. Not so long ago, June was a millionaire.

Since taking up Geno and getting arrested for crack, she appears to have blown (pun not intended) through her reality TV riches.

Last year, she sold the furniture from her previously nice home, which was described as being full of trash and syringes.

The house itself had obvious damage to its exterior, but that alone cannot explain why she sold it for an insultingly low $100,000, well below its value.

June Kises Geno

Living out of hotels and (likely) purchasing drugs for Geno and a bunch of "friends" is an expensive lifestyle. Too expensive.

June was kicked out of one hotel for trashing the room in a bloody fight with Geno. She was kicked out of another for failing to pay the bill.

Just days ago, June was seen pawning a diamond ring, presumably for less than its actual value. Nobody does that unless they're desperate.

So ... is June's post an indication that she's getting her life back on track?

June Shannon Looks Odd

TMZ reports that June Shannon's family aren't taking her cheery Instagram post at face value.

They think that it's intended to deceive the public, because they're not fooled for an instant.

Why? For starters, because of June's face.

That encouragingly healthy selfie of hers? Her family says that it's two years old.

Mama June Shannon Pic

Apparently, June only contacted the family recently after a relative suffered a heart attack, and wouldn't furnish any details about her current life.

Usually, you reach out to loved ones before you ever make a social media post, right? They're available to talk any time she wants.

As for June's aim, her family thinks that June wants positive attention for one simple purpose.

If she's active and positive on Instagram and getting attention, she can make money through Instagram ads.

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