June Shannon: Kicked Out of ANOTHER Hotel, So Broke She Can't Pay Bill

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After June Shannon and Geno Doak trashed their last hotel room, leaving an alarmingly bloody mess, they left ... for yet another hotel.

Now, they've been kicked out of their latest hotel after failing to pay the bill.

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TMZ reports that Mama June and her almost impressively awful boyfriend Geno have lost their latest residence.

According to their sources, June has been renting multiple rooms at the Residence Inn Marriott in McDonough, Georgia.

This has been ongoing since around June's miserable Thanksgiving, which seems to indicate that she had rooms at two hotels at the same time.

June's tab at the Residence Inn Marriott recently reached the $2,000 mark ... and June didn't seem to be in a rush to pay it.

Geno Doak with Mama

June had reportedly been in and out of the hotel, which may explain why she trashed a totally different room in December.

On Saturday, staff at the Residence Inn Marriott approached June about her $2,000 tab, telling her that it was time to pay it.

June paid some of it, but fell short by a few hundred.

It's unclear if she was simply refusing to pay the full amount, or genuinely did not have the full amount. Neither of those is good news.

June Kises Geno

June had been renting the rooms for herself, Geno, and for some unidentified friends.

When she failed to pay up, the hotel told her that she had to leave.

When June and her companions did depart, they didn't go far.

Apparently they were headed to another hotel just down the street.

Geno Doak at Lunch

When they left, the rooms were an absolute mess, according to TMZ's sources.

"Mess" is a relative term, so it's unclear if they're as much of a disaster zone as she and Geno left at the FairBridge Inn & Suites.

But considering that they left $1,000 in damages after their horrifying fight there last month, we're guessing that this mess doesn't compare.

The FairBridge Inn & Suites had a shattered mirror with what looked like a bloody handprint in it. We hope that history does not repeat itself.

June Shannon and Geno Doak Make Out

Some may wonder why June, who apparently can't even pay her bills, is living the least sustainable lifestyle imaginable.

(Rent is expensive, but it pales beside price of staying at most hotels and, hey, didn't June own a whole house?)

Back in August, Mama June abandoned her damaged home after she and Geno had spent months trashing and emptying it.

She sold off furniture for petty cash, and apparently intended to live in an RV with Geno.

Geno Doak and June Shannon in Bed

Eyewitnesses who entered June's home to purchase random pieces of furniture from the already emptied house reported that the place was trashed.

It wasn't just that the large rooms were now empty.

June's now former residence allegedly had garbage strewn everywhere, including syringes.

Those who had already been worried about her reported drug use (and crack cocaine arrest earlier last year) were very afraid.

Geno Doak with June

The house had also been damaged on the outside.

In an infamous incident, Geno had apparently rammed the SUV into the garage door, and June helped drag him into the house while wearing lingerie.

There were also multiple unexplained incidences of damage to the exterior of the home, including broken and boarded up windows.

This is not a common sight in an upper middle class neighborhood.

June Shannon and Boyfriend

There is often an assumption that, once someone becomes a household name, a TV star, and a millionaire, they are set for life.

June Shannon has served as a chilling reminder that some people's childhoods and early adulthoods can't be compensated for with money.

Toxic influences like Geno and drugs can prove impossible to resist.

Sooner or later, all of June's money will run out. Fans expect Geno to leave Shannon then, broke and alone and addicted.

But that's not the worst case scenario for someone leading June's lifestyle. Fans fear that any day now could be June's last.

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