Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin: Did He Cheat Again? Is it Over?

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Jana Kramer has been outspoken about her sex-addicted husband Mike Caussin and their marital struggles.

But now, she appears to be telling fans that Mike messed up again ... possibly for the last time in their marriage. Is it over?

Jana Kramer Embraces Mike Caussin

On December 30, Jana Kramer took to Instagram to post a vague yet ominous message.

"2019. Ur coming to a very interesting end...." she observed.

"And for now," her caption continued, "all I have to say is...Time heals all wounds."

Alongside that mysterious post, she included this photo -- featuring her and not her husband, Mike Caussin.

Jana Kramer Alone in 2019

But that's not all. Not all of Jana's social media activity was so open to interpretation.

That very same day, she removed the word "wife" from her Instagram bio. To any husbands reading this, that's not a good thing.

She also yanked Mike Caussin's name from the title of their podcast, Whine Down with Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin.

That's the social media equivalent of changing the locks, and it's the kind of things that fans can and will notice immediately.

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer Together

Jana took things even further, purging a number of photos of the two of them together from her Instagram.

for the record, that is considered standard for breakups, but a huge deal for a married couple. It usually indicates a nasty divorce.

However, it seems that she had a change of heart.

The next day, on the final day of 2019, Jana restored Mike's name to both places.

Jana Kramer and Mike

At present, a casual scroll through the most recent few dozen posts on Jana's page will show lots of pics of her and her kids.

The extremely small number of photos of Mike Caussin are photos of him with their young children, Jolie and Jace.

It appears that Jana is willing to hold off on publicly declaring an end to their marriage for the moment.

But ... based upon her choices on Instagram, it looks like she's not too eager to see his face at the moment. Ouch.

Happy Anniversary to Mike and Jana!

This was not the first hint of trouble.

Just weeks earlier, Jana had posted a photo of her with Mike -- a photo that is no longer on her page.

In the caption of the pic, she had admitted to having experienced a rough time in counseling.

"So...If I'm being honest...this photo isn't real life right now," she admitted. "Today was a tough couples therapy session."

Jana and Mike Celebrate 4 years of Marriage!

"Nothing big happened," Jana clarified at the time, "just a lot of feelings that were held in and damn did they come out today,"

"So though it shows us smiling right now," she wrote, "I wanted to be honest and say yup marriage can be hard and it takes a lot of hard work."

"And even after the tough session Mike and I said our I love you's," Jana added.

She explained that they did so "because at the end of the day the love is always there."

Jana Kramer and Family

We still do not know exctly what changed for Jana and Mike as 2019 came to a close.

However, we know that Mike allegedly suffers from "sex addiction."

(We're sure that he expereinces sexual compulsions, but the psychological community has not established "sex addiction" as a real thing)

Jana and Mike's marriage has become almost synonymous with the conversation of overcoming sexual compulsion and making it work.

In the coming weeks, perhaps she and Mike will do what they always do -- air their dirty laundry so that others can learn from it.

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