Jana Duggar Cradles "Practically Perfect" Niece: See the Photo!

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Jana Duggar has her own personal Instagram account...

... and this has gotten her in some trouble with fans and/or with members of her own family, considering such self-promotion goes against those infamously strict Duggar rules.

We only have one response to this backlash, however:

Jana and Her Niece

If Jana is gonna keep using her Instagram page to share precious snapshots of herself and her niece, then it's totally fine by us!

The reality star posted the adorable photo above yesterday, writing as a very simple and sweet caption alongside the image:

"Little Gracie! She’s practically perfect in every way! @johnandabbie."

John and Abbie, of course, is a reference to Jana's brother, John David Duggar and his wife, Abbie, who welcomed daughter Grace into the world back on January 7.

Jana also went ahead and shared this brand new picture of Grace by her amazing self:

Gracie Duggar

Along with many other comments in response to this pictures, John David and Abbie, commented as follows: “Oh, she’s gonna love her aunt Jana!!”

It's clear that Jana not only loves Grace, but also loves the way she has impacted her twin sibling since becoming a real live person.

"Ever since John and I were little we've been asked if we have that “twin thing," wrote Jana this month as part of loving tribute to her brother, adding by way of clarification:

"You know, the thing where you feel what the other one is feeling or know what the other one is thinking..."

Duggar Twins

Jana went on to say that she typically answered this question in the negative -- until John David had a baby, that is.

"Now I can honestly say that the day little Gracie was born I felt every bit of happiness that you did, so I guess it must be real!" she continued, turning to address her brother directly as follows:

"It’s so sweet watching you & Abbie as parents! You’re naturals! And the same qualities that have made you a wonderful brother will also make you an amazing dad.

"You are wise, tenderhearted, godly, and patient. You stand for what you believe in, you’ve always been one to think outside the box, and are always determined to finish what you’ve started."

Jana Duggar and JD

Jana was the first of John David’s 18 siblings who found out that Abbie, was expecting.

On a December 2019 episode of Counting On, the latter surprised her sister-in-law with the news in a confessional.

“I got you a birthday present,” the nurse told her husband’s twin, to which Jana asked: "Are you expecting?”

"I got you a baby for your birthday! It’s due right on y’all’s birthday, that week," replied Abbie, prompting the following reaction from Jana:

Jana Reacts

Pretty special, right?

Said John David and Abbie upon becoming first-time parents:

Our lives have changed forever with the arrival of our baby girl. She’s is a beautiful gift from God.

We are so blessed the Lord has given her to us. It’s still surreal to know that we are really parents but it’s a great new adventure that we are excited to take on together.

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