Chris Brown Threatens to Date Newly Single Rihanna Again

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The moment that Rihanna broke up with Hassan Jameel, he world collectively held its breath. We all knew that her worst ex would speak up.

Now, Chris Brown is again talking about "love," and everyone knows who it's about. It's like clockwork, if clocks belonged in prison.

Chris Brown Screams

Rihanna is talented, beautiful, and funny. She does not deserve the curse of Chris Brown's undying affections.

Sadly, the disgraced rapper still clints to his former relationship with her like a bloated tick.

"When someone asks, after all this time… why are u still in love WITH HER?" he asks rhetorically on social media.


chris brown IG about unconditional love for "her"

Fun fact: "time has no relevance" is also a good reply when asked why Chris Brown should be made to answer for his horrific crimes against women.

In any case, Chris at least does not mention anyone by name.

Though he doesn't deserve love, he has a number of exes -- and not all of them have taken out restraining orders against him in fear for their lives.

It seems extremely clear that he could only be referring to one woman, givent he timing: Rihanna.

Rihanna Lingerie Photo

In 2009, the world recoiled in horror at the photos of Rihanna after Chris Brown savagely beat her.

Because our legal system doesn't value women or take domestic violence with the seriousness that it deserves, his sentence was a joke.

Chris had to do community service, be on probation for five years, and submit to domestic violence counseling. That's it.

Though he lashed out violently multiple times during that 5-year probation period, he weaseled out of trouble each time.

Chris Brown is a Dancer

Chris' displays of violence were not limited to a well-publicized alleged assualt on Frank Ocean or alleged domestic violence against Kerrueche Tran.

There was an incident just a couple of years after his brutal attack on Rihanna in which he was given an interview on Good Morning America.

At that time, he was of course asked -- by a woman, no less -- about the horrific abuse of Rihanna.

Apparently, he threw objects at a window in his dressing room, took off his shirt, and had multiple conflicts with producers. It's who he is.

Rihanna Dressed in Gold

Meanwhile, Rihanna is doing incredible without this disgusting lamprey endangering her life.

She has an estimated net worth of $600 million.

She tantalized her fans, leading them to believe that she was releasing new music with the New Year. Her next album is highly anticipated.

Rihanna's fashion and beauty line is one of the most popular and well-reviewed on the planet.

Chris Brown Mug Shot (2018)

While we all may gnash our teeth and wail at the thought of a stinky trash man trying to worm his way back into Rihanna's life, the odds are low.

Yes, domestic abusers are master manipulators who often try to convince their victims that they're "sorry" and have "changed."

But Rihanna has grown and flourished as a person for years while Chris terrorized others.

If we dare to be optimistic about one thing in this hell world of which we are all denizens, it's that Rihanna knows that she has outgrown Chris.

Rihanna at Crop Over

Now, if only domestic violence laws would reflect the seriousness of the crime itself!

We'd never have to hear from this douchecanoe again.

And neither would Rihanna.

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