Brad Pitt to Bradley Cooper: I'd Still Be on Drugs If It Weren't For You!

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It's been quite a year for Brad Pitt.

With two hit movies and a Golden Globe under his belt, the screen icon is riding high as awards season heats up.

Brad Pitt in Venice

Of course, recent years have not been as kind to Brad.

Following his separation from Angelina Jolie, the actor admittedly entered a period of deep depression and perilous self-medication.

It was only when Pitt got sober in 2017 that his fortunes began to change.

These days, Brad is racking up awards for his work in Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood, a performance that many critics have called the best of his career.

Brad Pitt is So Hot

The latest body of critics to honor Pitt's work in the film is the National Board of Review.

The organization held its annual ceremony on Wednesday night, and Brad received his award from presenter Bradley Cooper, whom he apparently considers one of his closest friends.

Pitt says he was honored to receive the prize from Cooper -- but it's far from the most valuable gift his fellow screen icon has ever given him:

"I got sober because of this guy," Pitt told the crowd during his acceptance speech.

Pitt and Cooper

"And every day's been happier ever since."

Brad didn't go into detail with regard to how his fellow star aided his effots to sober up, but Cooper has long been candid about his own struggles with substance abuse -- he quit drinking at the age of 29 -- as well as his efforts to help his fellow addicts get clean.

Pitt got emotional while discussing his sobriety, but his speech was mostly lighthearted.

"Well, it's nice to be able to leave this thing carrying something other than George Clooney," the actor joked at one point.

"I know very little about the National Board of Review," he continued.

Brad Pitt = Handsome

"You guys have been around for a century? I know so little, other than you love films. I started to Google you, look you up and I thought, 'F*ck it! I love films too. That's good enough for me.'"

Pitt went on to reveal that he knows next to nothing about the organization giving out the night's awards.

"No seriously, I really, really love film," he stated.

"From an early age, they were my view into a world far grander than my backyard. Fascinating characters that I became obsessed with, like Popeye Doyle and R.P. McMurphy or Sonny Wortzik, Woodward and Berstein, Johnny Boy," Pitt went on.

Brad Pitt Says Hello

"I think Johnny Boy's in the house somewhere here. I mean, they meant so much to me. I love film, so thank you so much for this. Thank you very much."

In reality, Pitt likely made a cameo at one of the season's lesser award ceremonies as part of his campaign to secure a (well-deserved) Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood.

But like a skilled politician on the campaign trail, he created the impression that there's no place else he'd rather be.

Pitt has an Academy Award for producing 2014's 12 Years a Slave, and he's been nominated three times in the acting categories.

Brad Pitt is So Cute

But he has yet to receive an individual Oscar for his work on screen.

However, the odds are in the actor's favor for several reasons this year:

OUATIH is that rare film that was a hit with critics and audiences alike, and Pitt already won a Globe for his role, which is usually a solid predictor of success on Oscar night.

On top of all that, there's nothing Hollywood loves more than a good comeback story.

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