Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston: Sitting Near Each Other at Golden Globes, Possibly Boning

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Time for one of those "get ready to feel old" 2020 facts!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the movie in which a young(ish) Brad Pitt first co-starred with a young(er) Angelina Jolie debuted 15 years ago!

Brad and Angelina at the Oscars

While the film itself is largely forgotten, the drama it created off camera will forever be a part of Hollywood lore.

As you probably know, Pitt fell in love with Jolie on set, bringing about an end to his 5-year marriage to Jennifer Aniston.

Brangelina was a thing for over a decade, but the relationship came to an abrupt end in 2016, when Jolie left Pitt following a confrontation between Brad and the couple's eldest son.

About one hour after the spilt, rumors of Pitt reconciling with Aniston began to circulate on social media.

Brad and Angelina Pic

They died down for a bit when Aniston married Justin Theroux, but the rumor mill started churning again the second she was back on the market.

There's been no real reason to believe these two are knocking boots, and it looks as though Aniston is curently dating some dude named Will Speck.

Still, you can bet the many Brad and Jen shippers will lose their minds when the exes are spotted sitting in the same vicinity as one another during Sunday night's Golden Globes ceremony.

“There’s no reason why there would be any sort of issue or Jen and Brad to be sitting near each other,” a show insider tells Hollywood Life.

Brad Pitt and Ex-Wife

“They are on great terms and totally support each other."

The source adds that ratings-hungry producers will likely place Brad and Jen in the same row, several seats apart:

"Clearly, there is still interest in seeing them together, so it would make sense for organizers to want to seat them near each other, and if that is what happens, they will be totally fine with it," says the insider, adding:

"They’re dear friends.”

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston... Together!

“They are friends and will likely chat during a commercial or something," a second source adds.

"They are not worrying about being in the same room or being seated near each other. It is really a non-issue. They are both looking forward to a fun night.”

But for all the excitement the seating arrangement is likely to create, Brad and Jen remain very much just friends:

“They’ve built their bond and rekindled their friendship so much more the past few years now that they’e both single,” the insider explains.

Jennifer Aniston with a  Smirk

“They’ve realized what’s important in life, and since they shared so much love for each other, it’s such a nice thing for them both to have this kind of close friendship again.”

A different insider tells Radar Online that it's not the first time Brad and Jen have gotten together since his split from Angelina -- and it won't be the last.

“Brad surprised everyone again by attending Jen’s Christmas party at her house earlier this month, and they’re likely to see a lot of each other over awards season,” the source claims.

“They won’t avoid one another in public, but friends think they’ll catch up properly and let their hair down at the after party together, they know a lot of the same people.”

Brad Pitt in Venice

The informant claims that Brad and Jen will attend the same afterparty, where they'll likely feel more free to interact than at the ceremony itself:

“There is a strict guest list and no photo policy at Sunset where Jen is a regular, it’s somewhere she can relax and chat to Brad without being hassled,” the source says.

“She has really welcomed him back into her inner circle as a close friend and they’re pleased to have put the past behind them," the insider adds.

"It’s been a few years since they’ve both enjoyed big on-screen success in their careers in the same year and they’re both extremely happy for each other.”

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